Evidence That I Have A Bloated Sense Of [Do-It-Your] Self-Confidence

Each time we found a house that we thought might work but needed a little love, I would check Pinterest to see if there was a tutorial that I could fix it myself. (I may have an overblown sense of DIY confidence.) The house we landed on is perfectly move-in ready and I am a teeny bit disappointed not to get to prove my skills.
  1. Stain or paint banisters
    Easy-peasy and so dramatic!
  2. Paint a two-story wall
    You can rent really tall ladder, right?
  3. Remove wallpaper
    Yeah. I've removed wallpaper before. There is no easy way. It's the worst.
  4. Paint bathroom tile
    You can! Turns out you need a ventilating mask and not to live in your house for a few days as every review I read mentioned that the fumes were awful.
  5. Cover bathroom tile with beadboard
    In case the tile painting went badly.
  6. Whitewash a brick fireplace and build a mantle
    Seems pretty straight forward.
  7. Put up crown molding
    I'm good at math. Just need to buy a mitre saw and then I can make my own picture frames, too.
  8. Build shelves in a closet
    This always made me think of BBC Pride & Prejudice with "Shelves in the closet. Happy thought indeed." I think Lady Catherine DeBurgh would approve.
  9. Decorate a weird space that was something between an entryway and a living room
    I'm sure mine would look just like this!
  10. Decorate a really tall wall
    I'm still not sure about this one.