Friends in Wedding Dresses

  1. We met Rachel in a wedding dress just after she ran out on Barry and her wedding in the pilot.
  2. Monica tried on Emily's dress
  3. And washed dishes in it
  4. And was surprised by Phoebe
  5. Who was inspired to rent one from a store called "It's Not Too Late"
  6. And they played catch—wedding style.
  7. Rachel joined them saying, "I gotta admit, this does put me in a better mood."
  8. And then she promptly scared Joshua away forever.
  9. There was the wrestle for the dress that Monica sacrificed for the Swing Kings (too bad they didn't like Crokus... With a 'C' or a 'K')...
  10. And the actual dress she wore on her special day
    The day before she was "just a wife" who later opened all the wedding gifts without the "luckiest man in the world."
  11. With her actual Chandler.
  12. There was the dress Phoebe wore in the snow until she was "freaking freezing" when she was her "something blue"
  13. To marry her lovely Mike Hannigan.
  14. There was the face graffiti that drunk Rachel wore to marry drunk Ross (no drunk wedding dress).
  16. For Monica and Chandler's wedding
  17. For Phoebe and Mike's wedding
  18. For Barry and Mindy's wedding... Princess Bubble Yum
    "I'm sorry. We don't have your sheep."