Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy

We are still on our epic road trip through New England and Canada. I need to break it into a few lists so I don't just photo dump into List. I know List is NOT Facebook. I will behave myself.
  1. My husband has been amazing at finding cool stuff to visit and see during our road trip.
    This is a random scenic overlook we found after Hopewell Rocks.
  2. We were at Hopewell Rocks at low tide.
  3. The tide does a 12-hour round trip, going way out and coming way in during that time.
  4. Our kids tried to load their pockets with rocks.
    Sneaky thieves.
  5. The Rocks were eroded in such interesting ways with trees and birds nests happily thriving on top.
  6. They reminded me of the movie "Up." "You were talking to a rock."
    Can you see the bear? 🐻
  7. This is the same picture above with a camera adjustment.
    I couldn't decide.
  8. And a squished selfie showing off my poor selfie skills.