1. I am a Disney girl.
  2. Any time a friend heads to WDW in Orlando, they ask for tips and tricks.
  3. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and have been hundreds of times. Seriously.
  4. We lived in Florida a few years ago.
  5. Naturally, we got Florida resident annual passes to Disney for the family.
    They are discounted, but definitely not cheap.
  6. During that year, they implemented a new fast pass system that heavily favors guests staying at Disney resorts.
    Fast passes give park guests shorter wait times at popular rides.
  7. Essentially, hotel guests wiped out all the fast passes and we had to wait (sometimes two hours) for our favorite rides that we could have previously ridden with a fast pass.
  8. They were testing it during this time and it was bumpy.
  9. I was not the only Florida resident who felt undervalued at this time because, generally, we wouldn't stay in a hotel because we lived nearby.
  10. I felt punished for my loyalty.
  11. We spent money on our passes, food, and merch and then got less than we bargained for.
  12. So Disney and me, well, we've been on a break.
  13. I still pine a little, sure.
  14. I still miss the ambiance.
  15. I may even watch YouTube videos of rides and parades.
    Did I mention I am a Disney girl? Don't judge me.
  16. But when I long to go, I want to go to Disney 6 years ago when I was so skilled at using their systems that we could get 8-9 fast passes each day...
  17. Systems that no longer exist.
  18. I haven't been to Disney in 3 years, which is a long time for a Disney girl like me.
  19. My mother-in-law, knowing I am (or was) a Disney girl, asked if we would be up for a week at Disney.
  20. They are fun and not clingy and we could hang when we wanted and do our own thing, too.
  21. I got excited and got Cory on board and made plans to go the week of our daughter's birthday.
  22. Then, I had a conversation with someone who just went to WDW and it all came screaming back to me how they ruined it.
  23. We cancelled our Disney plans and decided to go north, not south, for that week instead.
  24. This week, in fact!
  25. We would be driving into the biggest hurricane since Andrew to go to Disney for a week
  26. if not for the new (hated) fastpass system.
  27. It's like a lover that had previously betrayed me doing something noble to save and protect me.
  28. And even though I am still smarting at the betrayal,
  29. I still know that what we had was good, even if it didn't last forever.
  30. And driving up through the New England autumn to Boston, Cory's hometown in New Hampshire, Acadia National Park, and Prince Edward Island, Canada feels divinely inspired in addition to just being divine.
  31. Thanks, Disney! I owe you one!