1. So I crawl out of my being MIA for a few weeks.
  2. Sometimes people notice.
    (Oh George! How I miss you already!)
  3. Most of the time they don't.
  4. I write a few lists, interact with some people I really like, and pat myself on the back.
  5. This is normal. This is how I roll.
  6. And then I have houseguests (plural!) for something like 10 days
  7. Over Christmas
  8. And I am a southerner who likes to include and fuss over people
  9. So in addition to houseguests we had six extra people at Christmas dinner
  10. Which was awesome and a little stressful.
  11. And the moment my guests left
  12. I sneezed, coughed, and was fully sick and ready to put myself to bed.
  13. And there I have hovered since about the 29th.
  14. Happy New Year!🎉
  15. So I guess I am confessing that whenever I post a few lists in a row,
  16. Prepare to not see me for a few weeks
  17. Because I'm 'bout to disappear.
  18. I hope you list friends of mine have had a lot less sinus pressure and a lot more fun as we bid farewell to 2016 and hoped for better days in 2017!