1. Clue
    Definitely not a Christmas movie, but we watched it as kids while we played Clue and we watch it when we get together, which is usually during the holidays. "And you had a letter. And you had a letter. And you had a letter..."
  2. Harry Potter Series
    Magic with a hint of Christmas! My husband and I say "Happy Christmas, Harry." "Happy Christmas, Ron." at Christmas and all year round with our best British accents. It's a pillar of our marriage.❤️️🎄
  3. While You Were Sleeping
    Definitely a sweet Christmas vibe in this one. "Are you wearin' da black bra? I love black underwears."
  4. Sleepless in Seattle
    Brief but significant Christmas vibes here for sure! "🎶Horses, horses, horses, horses, horses🎶"
  5. When Harry Met Sally
    They buy a Christmas tree together. Sally drags one alone. They dance at a NYE dance and he professes his love at another one. It all counts. The "stupid-Roy-Rogers-wagon-wheel-garage-sale-coffee table" might have been a regift. And Ray Charles and Harry Connick, Jr. (piano solo) both perform "Winter Wonderland" and it bumps up the Christmas flavor.
  6. You've Got Mail
    🎶"The violin sings with jo-o-o-oy-ful rings"🎶There's a little Christmas and a lot o' Meg and Tom. The rom-com vibe is strong with this list.
  7. The Three Musketeers
    So this has nothing at all to do with Christmas, but my friend and I saw it in the theater seriously something like 8 times at Christmastime and I revisit it for sheer nostalgia and to see my admittedly off-the-beaten-path crush, Oliver Platt. Tim Curry is there, too, and I talk about both of them here: Crushes You Won't Find in Teen Beat and both of those crushes show up every Christmas for me. 🎄❤️️
  8. Bridget Jones' Diary
    Solid Christmas influence and it brings me another of my (more obvious) crushes for Christmas: Colin Firth in the most awesome, presumably real-looking, awkward on-screen fights. "To Bridget, who cannot cook, but who we love just the way she is."❤️