We have a son and a daughter and have heard "one of each" countless times in connection to that fact. There are many other ways we have "one of each" besides just gender. I am not ordering these pairs respectively to boy/girl so neither of my kids is cast in a negative light.
  1. Extrovert / introvert
  2. Blue eyes / brown eyes
  3. Expert snuggler / awkward, angular snuggler
  4. Thick, dark hair / fine, light hair
  5. Great sleeper / woke me every night the first two years
  6. Early bird / night owl
  7. Sulks, then explodes / explodes, then sulks
  8. Bossy / gives way easily
  9. Photogenic / painfully awkward in front of the camera
  10. Would always choose sweets / would always choose bacon
  11. Talks non-stop / is silent periodically
  12. Always reaches for my hand in public / wants to be more independent in public
  13. Fearful / fearless
  14. Athletic / not athletic (loves chess)
  15. Determined / unfocused
  16. Tans easily / burns easily
  17. Sentimental / can take or leave anything
  18. Loves meat, hates cheese, fruits, and veggies / hates meat, loves cheese, fruits, and veggies
  19. Has my whole heart / has my whole heart
  20. Static