I wish I were the mastermind behind this prank. Its genius lies in its simplicity. And the payback matched it flawlessly.
  1. I worked on Music Row in Nashville for a few years.
  2. This guy worked in our office when he wasn't playing drums on tour with a famous country artist.
  3. He was likable and really funny. He couldn't type.
  4. While he was out on tour, the mastermind of the prank popped the 'R' from his computer keyboard and swapped it with another letter.
  5. This is significant as 'R' was his first and last initial and the company logins were all first initial last name.
  6. The drummer came back and tried to log in.
  7. He pecked the keyboard: RR**** and his access was denied.
  8. He attempted this several more times to no avail.
  9. He called his supervisor. She asked him to try different things like restarting his computer.
  10. Nada.
  11. They called IT to check on his login.
  12. Nada.
  13. An IT guy came to his desk and could log in and discovered the wonky keyboard.
  14. Mr. RR felt the love and we laughed about it.
  15. The next time the mastermind was out of the office for the day, Mr. RR dismantled the mastermind's keyboard.
  16. There were letters in the 10-key, numbers in the letters—
  17. And where it once said QWERTY, it now said BLOWME.
  18. Checkmate.
  19. Mastermind could type and his BLOWME keyboard was his prized possession and envied by all.
  20. Giphy
  21. PS: This list reminded my husband @cory222 of an office prank misfire and it is hilarious. You can read about it here Office prank misfire.