1. Our dad died just 10 days before my sister's 40th birthday. She had a shitty 40th.
    We live states apart and I hated being far away and not making it special for her.
  2. She and her family spent 10 days with us for Thanksgiving this year.
  3. We get along really well—husbands, too—and my husband and I wanted to take them out for a night in NYC that was a special treat...maybe seeing a Broadway show, a nice dinner. Something fancy (read: pricey) to make up for her crap birthday.
  4. My sister is not fancy. She is laid back and fun. She wanted to go to a comedy club. Plus her husband wanted some good NY style pizza.
    Cheap dates.
  5. My husband pointed out that they just wanted to reenact the opening of Louis C.K.'s show "Louie."
  6. We had some pizza in the village and went to The Comedy Cellar on the night comedian Joe Machi happened to be taping his CD.
    On normal nights with no CD taping, there is a cover charge. On a CD taping night, there is no cover, but there is a minimum you are expected to spend on drinks/food and pay in big belly laughs.
  7. The Comedy Cellar is a tight space. On a CD taping night, they fill it. We were not right at the stage, but the first row of tables back.
  8. We look like we like to eat. We do. With coats and the crowd and the tables, it was cramped.
  9. Also, three of the four of us don't drink. It is hard to reach the minimum with cokes, so—I've already established that we like to eat—we ordered food. Everything was fried: Calamari, fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks. Baskets of breaded fried greasy food overflowed the tiny table intended to hold a few skinny little bottles.
  10. Joe Machi was a riot! My brother-in-law was already a fan and so excited to hear him. The muscles around my head were aching from all the laughter. He is a really funny guy!
    You should check him out. You'll hear our sincere belly laughs on the recording.
  11. We were asked to sit as still as we could so the excess noise didn't disrupt the recording. We munched and faced forward and laughed and faced forward.
  12. About halfway through, when we had eaten about half of the mountain of fried deliciousness crowding the table, I caught a glimpse over my shoulder. Four people. Four elegant bottles. No baskets of greasy food. No bottles of ketchup.
  13. We looked like caricatures. Like you would expect us to make loud yummy noises while we ate.
    (Which we did not.)
  14. I felt like Chris Farley, cinched with a belt eating fries.
  15. Local
  16. And it made me laugh harder.
  17. Static
    Here we are with the friendliest comedian ever. My brother-in-law took the pic.
  18. We had the best night. I hope my sister felt loved.