Things I Almost Never List About

This is not a comprehensive list.
  1. Music
    I have a degree in Music Business and have worked in the recording industry. Embarrassingly, my tastes are decidedly mainstream, and as I get older are more, as Bridget Jones says, "Sad FM." My young hot husband keeps me connected to what is current, but I never feel like a tastemaker. I'll just keep my crush on Sting alive and well, and keep my opinions to myself, thanks.
  2. Movies
    The last couple of movies I saw in the theater were Moana and Rogue One. (I enjoyed both.) Very occasionally do my husband and I go to the movies without our children. We are going to an Oscar party next Sunday thrown by our hardcore cinephile friends who have seen everything religiously in preparation for the big night. I feel unworthy to partake of their snacks.
  3. Books
    I do read, but not anywhere near as much as I would like. I love the many "books I have already read this year" lists and seeing how well-read you all are. I need to prioritize more time for it as I really enjoy it. (I am currently reading "Wonder" by R. J. Palacios.)
  4. Sunrises
    I am not coherent enough to operate a camera as the sun is rising. I mean, let's be honest, I am such an owl and am almost never up so early. I could take pictures of the sky at 2am, but nah. Besides, @BWN_7 has the market cornered anyway.