These are my limited observations from a quick visit to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.
  1. Lumberjacks
    We saw a couple of cafes named "Lumberjack" and saw a couple of hearty menu items named "The Lumberjack." Bonus: we visited the largest axe in the world... A point of pilgrimage for lumberjacks and axe murderers alike!
  2. Lobster
    Lobster rolls and lobster mac & cheese are available almost everywhere. This is likely specific to the coastal part of Canada we visited. Those are our kids under that giant lobster. #brownsignvacation
  3. The metric system
    110 on a speed limit sign is not MPH. I bought 500mL of Diet Coke (a few times), listened to GPS directions in meters/kilometers, and paid for gas in liters.
  4. Politeness
    I have never met so many lovely and polite people in such a short period of time. The park rangers, the hostesses and servers, and hotel personnel were so helpful and seemed earnest and interested (and we have kids😬). I met one girl who wasn't warm and kind. I assume she was just having an off day.
  5. Tim Horton's
    Imagine if Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks had a child that was genetically modified to inherit only their best qualities and you can imagine the deliciousness of Tim Horton's.
  6. Country music
    Country music is playing everywhere. I heard an Alan Jackson song that I haven't heard since we lived in Nashville. It reminded me that Shania Twain is Canadian. Nice work, Canada!
  7. Pepsi products
    You can find Coke products in most stores, but restaurants proudly serve Pepsi.
  8. Gorgeous Fall Colors
    This is not exclusive to Canada, but Canada delivered her fair share of breathtaking vistas!
  9. The curiosity that is the US presidential election
    The Canadians we talked with are concerned about how things are going across the border and they do not envy us. Cory wanted to tell the armed guard at the border that we were coming into Canada to beat the traffic on November 9.