Things I Wish I Could Convey About Our Autumn Trip

  1. The lovely and powerful scent of the balsam fir trees
    It felt like Christmas. 🎄
  2. The pure nostalgia I felt visiting the house that inspired "Anne of Green Gables"
  3. My kids posing as Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe
  4. The strong southern accent from a couple walking by us
    We were in the "Haunted Wood" at Green Gables.
  5. The soul-filling awe of mile after mile of gorgeous autumn color
    The pictures just couldn't capture the breadth of it.
  6. The vibrance and life the sun gives as it shines through leaves
    There was a lot of gasping, shouts of "Look! Look! Look!" and "Fire trees!!!"
  7. The delicious food we ate at various ice cream shops, donut shops, diners, and local restaurants
    This deserves its own list.
  8. The anxiety to drink it all in as the sun set on our last day on the road
  9. The longing to rest my bones in my own bed