1. I took my kids to Six Flags yesterday and am starting to feel my age (birthday next week😬).
    Not only did I feel that vertigo was a breath away after a few of the rides they love, but I peed a little on a ride that threw me around more than I expected it to (obviously).
  2. A few days ago I read the letter to rapist Brock Turner from his victim and it sickened me. It weighs so heavy on my heart.
    So much has already been said about this here and I am preaching to the choir, but it has bummed me out.
  3. Someone had to have reported my list about putting down my dog as a years-old picture of me holding her on our couch at home was mistaken for me sobbing and cradling her lifeless body in the vets office. That picture was removed.
  4. I did not—I COULD NOT!—take a single picture of her like that.
  5. I have read all kinds of lists about things that aren't things I agree with or am necessarily comfortable reading, but I have never reported any of them.
    After discovering this, I did accidentally report a list to see how it worked (it was the first one at the top of my feed) and quickly sent a message saying it was an accident.
  6. Maybe the person did what they believed to be right and it's dishonest for me to expect anything else.
  7. It still bugged me. It took away something from my experience here.
  8. On a more important note, the day-to-day without my puppy-girl is so much sadder than I expected it to be. I miss her so much.
  9. My sweet Sophie lived to love me, to keep me in her line of sight, to wait patiently for a little bit of my attention.
  10. My son was playing with her collar and tags this morning and the noise of her tags made me cry.
  11. We did the merciful thing easing her out of this life. We knew it was coming.
  12. But no one could have prepared me for how empty it would be to come home without her.
  13. How do parents live at all when they lose children?!?
  14. If I ache this much with the passing of the dog I have loved for a decade, how much more would I ache if it were my child who I had carried and cared for? It is unimaginable.
  15. So, yeah. I'm a bit bummed out.
  16. PS: I am so grateful for the kindness of some of you wonderful Li.sters. I am fairly new to this experience, a new kid ('NK' as @BWN_7 calls me) and, without knowing me well, some of you have blessed me with such support and friendship. You have made a really crappy week a little better. So thanks! It means so much. 💜