Inspired by @amieshmamie and @shanaz
  1. You make me feel good/better about myself.
  2. Your kids are so well-behaved.
  3. Can I have the recipe?
  4. I love the book/show/movie you recommended.
  5. I love the friend you introduced me to.
  6. You are so funny.
    This one really works best if you are gasping for air because you are laughing at some thing I said.
  7. You are real.
  8. I love your voice.
  9. I am glad you are here.
  10. You fit right in.
  11. I suck at homeschool, too.
    A fellow homeschool mom said this and made me feel better about my constant guilt and not being awesome at this.
  12. We're going to Disney World. What would you recommend we do/see/eat?
  13. We're going to NYC. What would you recommend we do/see/eat?
    I am no expert, but it makes me feel good when people think I am.
  14. Can you help me?
  15. You are 42?!?
    The more shocked you act, the better!
  16. You would love this book/show/movie.
  17. I love your family.
  18. You are insightful.
  19. You have a great smile.
  20. Your eyes are the color of sun shining through maple syrup.
    This was a specific compliment that a friend gave me. Feel free to use it anytime you like.