Inspired by @BWN_7, @andersun, and the mastermind behind this Title Wave: @solena
  1. Gorgeous fall colors
    This is our backyard this past fall.
  2. Fall in NJ does not disappoint
    This is across the street.
  3. "I recall Central Park in fall"
    To be fair, these photos were taken in October of last year, but fall officially begins and we inch closer to this loveliness.
  4. Hamilton
    We bought tickets for Hamilton as a Christmas present this past year. We have waited the length of a pregnancy and watched so many of the original cast leave before we'll get to see it, but BRING IT! We are so excited and will be seeing it in early September! Eeeeeeee!
  5. Shhhh! Don't tell our kids that it will be just us.
    This smiley boy and I played the Hamilton lottery in this photo and watched a Ham4Ham where Lin-Manuel Miranda rapped Outkast covers. We didn't win and our son actually cried. (Wait for it.)
  6. The Color Purple
    Cory has been anxious to see it since Cynthia Erivo slayed at the Tony's. NYCGO.COM has 2-for-1 tickets for the first week or so of September... So we're seeing that, too!💜
  7. Philadelphia Temple
    I am a Mormon and there is a brand new temple a couple of blocks away from the Franklin Institute in Philly. There is an open house currently happening if you want to see what the inside of a Mormon Temple looks like. The architecture and decor pay homage to the colonial period and give a giant nod to the Founding Fathers.
  8. Static
    It is exquisite and will be dedicated in September.
  9. All things science
    As if announcing that I am a Mormon wasn't going to make me peculiar enough, we "homeschool" (did I just verb a noun?) and we have decided to hit science super hard this year. My son is passionate about it and if it helps him to do things he is less passionate about, I am all in!
  10. Soup
    Need I say more
  11. Halloween Costume preparation
    I know this is another October thing, but Halloween costume prep can take time. Don't wait till the last minute. Creativity takes time. Cory was Bob Ross and I was his "happy tree."
  12. Maybe this list should have been "ways that September makes me look forward to October."