1. We got our first taste of family cosplay this year, but I am getting ahead of myself.
  2. We haven't always been big on Halloween.
    Sure, like most chubby people, we are all in on the candy binge. And we have carved pumpkins with the best of them.
  3. On our son's first Halloween, we dressed him up but felt no pressure to participate ourselves.
  4. When our daughter was born, our son was Peter Pan and our 2-week-old daughter was a sleeping Tinkerbell.
    (Thanks for finding a pic @cory222 ❤️!)
  5. I made Mickey and Minnie costumes the following year and did the shorts, shoes, gloves, and hats without a pattern.
    I was pretty proud of myself and the kids couldn't pose for a good pic for anything.
  6. Some years we didn't coordinate costumes...
  7. Static
    A hairy-chested pirate and a bumblebee.
  8. Static
    A fairy and Batman. I created the Batman costume.
  9. Static
    Snow White and Iron Man
  10. Others, a couple of us did...
  11. Static
    Kristoff and Anna from Frozen. This was the year of the Frozen drinking game rampant in our neighborhood.
  12. Static
    Superman and Supergirl
  13. Static
    Bob Ross and his Happy Tree
  14. But this year...
    (This was moments after seeing himself for the first time as Dipper and he said, "Mom, my heart is beating sooo hard right now!!!")
  15. we all coordinated with each other
  16. and it has been the funnest Halloween yet!
  17. (If you haven't seen Gravity Falls, you really need to remedy that!)
  18. Static
  19. While shopping for things to make our costumes, my son was bouncing in his shoes and said through the biggest grin,
  20. "I'm just so happy, Mom."
  21. We have turned a Halloween corner.
  22. The family that cosplays together...
    Well, you know the rest. ❤️🎃