Why I Really Hope "The Color Purple" Gets Some Love At The Tony Awards

  1. I am a huge fan of Hamilton and know that the Tony Awards will be Hamilton-heavy... and rightly so.
  2. We have tickets to see the show in September and have waited the length of a pregnancy to see it. My family knows the cast album cold.
  3. We live near NYC and have been blessed with opportunities to see a few Broadway shows this year.
  4. (Come to NYC in January/February when it's crazy cold and get 2-for-1 tickets.)
  5. (Or be freakishly lucky like my husband and win TWO lotteries: The Lion King and Book of Mormon... But I digress.)
  6. I am a fan of Jennifer Hudson and really wanted to see her in The Color Purple before she left the show.
  7. I love seeing shows with my guy, but we couldn't make the schedule work to see it together.
  8. I took myself on a date to see The Color Purple alone.
  9. I loved the book and film and fully expected to cry a lot through the show.
  10. I knew nothing about Cynthia Erivo or Danielle Brooks (Orange is the New Black).
  11. I had heard one song, but the rest of the show was new to me.
  12. In the first song, Celie (Cynthia Erivo) gives birth and does a convincing job!
  13. The cast is phenomenal! The opening song is sung at church and each of the singers has a cathedral in his or her chest!
  14. I started crying in the second song where Celie sings to her baby boy, Adam, that will be taken from her.
  15. Cynthia Erivo can SING! I mean she can SING!!!
  16. She can act! I was 7 rows from the front and off to the side a little and I saw two big tears catch the light and roll off her cheeks when she sensed her sister was there. You could feel them being wrenched from her soul!
  17. She was believable as a young, naive girl and so convincing as a woman who knows herself!
  18. She is someone you instinctively root for. There is a moment where she is standing on a chair and sings, "Look who's wearing the pants NOW!!!" and half the audience (myself included) were on their feet cheering, shouting, jumping up and down for her IN THE MIDDLE OF HER SONG!
    A pause is even built into the song for the audience to quiet a little because they KNEW we would champion her! And do we ever!!!
  19. When she sings "I'm Here," there is a point after she puts her shoulders back and gets who she is and how powerful and beautiful she is that she turns and STRUTS away from the audience. I have never seen such swagger! Everyone was cheering her on their feet and she does not even look back! She doesn't need us and we KNOW IT!!!
  20. She is the real deal! I hope with all my heart that she wins a Tony tomorrow! I am such a fan!
    I freaking LOVE Phillipa Soo and I may feel differently in September when I see her on stage, but I have a hard time imagining ANYONE doing what Cynthia Erivo did! So transformative! So powerful!
  21. I have to say a bit about Danielle Brooks, too. She plays Sophia. She is a PRESENCE! A FORCE! So powerful!
  22. She can sing! She is so funny and sympathetic! We were eating out of her hand in a second! She had us!
  23. If you need a fight song, turn on "Hell No!" loudly and let her school you! "What ya oughta do is BASH Mister's head open and think on Heaven later!!!"
  24. She made me genuinely feel that my (rather ample) bottom was just too small! She is gorgeous, glorious and so self-possessed!
    She doesn't wear that in the show.
  25. I cried my lashes off. I am pretty sure that the woman sitting next to me thought I was in an abusive relationship. (I am not.)
    She was surprised I was so emotional and affected. My face got 'swoll.'
  26. Thank you, Alice Walker, for writing a story that undoes me in any form I encounter it! Bravo, you magnificent genius!