Little things that brightened my day
  1. Guy dancing across the road perfectly to the beat of the music in my headphones
  2. Girl quietly sketching beautiful drawings on the train
  3. Gorgeous Pyrenees Mountain dog greeting me for a snuggle on the way home
  4. The neighbourhood cats that 'flirt' with me
  5. Air con!
  6. New desk in the new marketing room
  7. Painting glittery polish on my toes
  8. Trying different gelato in Prezzo
    Salted chocolate, blood orange sorbet, melon and mint
  9. Rosé with ice
  10. Poppies in an overgrown garden
  11. Picnics in the park
  12. My bible study group
  13. Chocolate brownies
  14. Spending time with 3 of my Godchildren
  15. Flat coated retriever videos that remind me of Shadow
  16. The view from 'my spot' at the station in the morning.