1. "I just don't watch much TV."
    I have such a hard time believing people when they say this. Also, they sound like they think they're better than normal TV binge-watching people.
  2. "I hate gossiping."
    Talking shit is fun. And everyone does it.
  3. "I only shop at whole foods."
    Must be nice.
  4. "I'm on the paleo diet."
    This diet sounds so restrictive and awful. Also good luck with your impending heart disease.
  5. "I don't believe in global warming."
    But, science.
  6. "I don't believe in evolution."
    Again, science.
  7. I'm truly a fountain of judgment so this list could really be a lot longer, but I don't want to be too big of an asshole so I'll just stop with these biggies.