It's amazing how so few things come to mind when I reeeaally think about it.....
  1. Herbal medicine
  2. Mean Bean Java Monster and Dark Sumatra Keurig coffee pods
  3. Prizes or treats quite often for my almost 5yr old son, Dylan
  4. Anything my son or mom needs
  5. Apple products
  6. Music albums...records...mp3s... whatthefuckever, that actually do NOT suck... pretty rare these days😕. I'm open to recommendations 😃
  7. Bug spray to kill the AWFUL giNORMOUS fucking SPIDERS that are starting to COME-THE-FUCK OUT in this God-forsaken 125 YR OLD country house, which I love, btw...I'm just really really really arachnophobic😁
  8. New socks & underwear
  9. A new toothbrush every few months
  10. Shop tools AND/OR art supplies