1. Tutor, age 15
    I was a freshman in high school and tutored kids in elementary school after my own classes. They didn't give a damn and were very uncooperative. Once the head of the program and I got into a little tiff because I was being a sarcastic little idiot. That's the main thing I remember. This job didn't last long because we lost the funding after a few months, and none of us were going to do it for free.
  2. Clerk/cashier/whatever the hell they needed at a grocery store, age 15-19
    I started out this job as one of those guys who carries out your groceries and worked my way up the food chain. Basically I didn't whatever the hell they needed - cashier, selling lottery, service center stuff, working in the back, etc. My main memory is not good though. This is where my stalker first encountered me, and I will never forget the sinister look he gave me when he realized I wasn't into his creepy flirting.
  3. Tutor, age 20-22
    I started tutoring again my sophomore year of college. The main thing I remember from the years before I was the manager is that one day the other tutors and I found this strange magnifying device (it would project the magnified image on a tv screen), and so the next day we all brought stuff to magnify. We were very bored that week.
  4. Tutoring student manager, age 22-23
    In my senior year of college, I became the student manager of the tutoring center, which meant I was in charge of all those others. I remember that one of the students was obsessed with one of my tutors, like to the point where I legit think she had erotomania, and she became scarily pissed off at the people she perceived as standing between them (me being one of them). This was when my stalker was still, well, stalking me, so I was not stressed out at all at the time of course.
  5. Tech aide, age 22
    While I was doing clinicals my final year of college, I worked as a technologist aide in the department, which basically meant I did everything I did as a student only I got paid for it. My chief memory of this brief period is that this was the first time I became the first person to learn that someone was dying (before the patient even knew). That's about as fun as it sounds.
  6. Sonographer, age 23-present
    I do ultrasounds at the hospital I was a student at, and contrary to popular belief, I rarely scan pregnant women (which is good because I hate that). One memory I have is the time a patient punched me in the face because my exam was hurting. Yes, I was pushing a lot, and yes, it probably hurt, but this reaction was extreme.