1. I went to my parents' house to visit today.
  2. My sister, brother-in-law, and new baby nephew live there also.
    This is Ryker Hawke Skywalker Hull. Yes, that is his legal name. Skywalker was my idea.
  3. Anyway, he got a bath while I was there, and I had to hold him when he was done so my sister could put oil on his back.
    I had to hold him as though I was burping him.
  4. As I'm getting him into position, I said, "He better not throw up on me."
    Literally the words were barely out of my mouth when he threw up on me.
  5. It was a lot too, and it was gross.
    Seriously, it was all over me.
  6. Then he wouldn't stop crying as I had to continue to hold him while she put the lotion on him.
    I was like, listen kid, if anyone should be crying, it's me. I'm the one who got thrown up on.
  7. The moral of this story is to never hold babies ever.
  8. Good thing he's cute.
  9. Static