In no particular order.
  1. Tame Impala
    Is it bad that I had to Google to see if an impala was actually an animal?
  2. Band of Horses
  3. Arctic Monkeys
  4. Bear's Den
  5. Danger Mouse
  6. Birdy
  7. Eels
  8. Noah and the Whale
    They broke up over a year ago, and I'm still so bitt is about it.
  9. Cage the Elephant
  10. Dr. Dog
  11. Cat Power
  12. Futurebirds
    Their cover of "Blame It On My Wild Heart" is perfection.
  13. Bobby Birdman
    This one is kind of cheating
  14. Deerhunter
  15. Imagine Dragons
    Yes, I know that dragons aren't real (as far as we know)
  16. Dinosaur Jr.
  17. Gorillaz
  18. Fleet Foxes
  19. Wolf Parade
  20. Said the Whale
    I once won a contest wherein they sent me a Christmas card one year, and it was like a personalized card, like they all wrote in it and used my name and referenced my location and stuff, so it wasn't just some generic thing. It was cool, and I still have the card.
  21. Grizzly Bear
  22. The Moth & the Flame
  23. Kitten
  24. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
  25. Foxygen
    Does this one count?
  26. Freelance Whales
  27. Modest Mouse
  28. Pedro the Lion
  29. Phoenix
    Does this count? I suppose it does if Imagine Dragons does too.
  30. White Rabbits
  31. Youngblood Hawke