1. The Oldsmobile years
    I had a bluish '93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I didn't get to choose. My dad bought it for my sister and me, but she never got a chance to drive it.
  2. I ran into the back of my friends car leaving school once
    There was a cracked thing on the front of my car (I can't remember exactly, it was very minor).
  3. My next accident happened in the winter of my junior year.
    It was snowy out, and I was on a bad road. I was pulled off the street into a ditch by the snow. Somehow this caused me to total my car; apparently it didn't take much.
  4. The Mustang years
    I bought a red Mustang convertible from my friend. It needed some work and got horrible gas mileage. But man, everyone wanted to ride in my car with me. I have fond memories of driving around with my friends after school listening to music (most often Weezer for some reason. I think an album had just come out).
  5. One day I was backing out of my driveway, listening to music really loudly and not paying attention.
    Alas, my parents were pulling into the driveway at the same time, and I couldn't hear them beeping their horn. I sideswiped them, and man, they were PISSED. I've actually never seen my dad that angry with me.
  6. The day before my senior prom in 2006, I totaled my second car.
    This time it wasn't my fault. I was driving to school, and this lady pulled out in front of me. I was going fast (the speed limit was 55 mph), and it's a damn good thing I swerved because I probably would have killed her instead of just taking out the front of her car.
  7. In that same accident, I almost died a couple different ways.
    I swerved into a yard between a telephone pole and a gas tank of some sort. A little to the left, and I would have hit the pole head on. A little to the right, I would have hit the gas line and probably caused an explosion. We were both fine though.
  8. I had to wait forever for the police to get there.
    All kinds of people I knew drove by when I was waiting, including teachers from school, classmates, and a friend's mom. When the police got there, I got to sit in the front while the lady whose fault it was had to sit in the back of the cruiser.
  9. I didn't go to school that day.
    Between totaling my second car and self-pity about prom, I was just like, I've dealt with enough shit for one week. Plus I was sore from the seatbelt and had a killer headache from hitting my head on the window.
  10. The Sunfire years
    I had a 2002 forest green Sunfire. It was pretty nice for a poor college student since I got more money for my Mustang than I paid for it.
  11. It was such a good car and got me through college (and I was driving all over the place for clinicals my senior year).
  12. I got in one accident with this.
    It was an early winter morning, and the roads were bad. I was almost to my clinical site, and I was at a stop sign. A kid couldn't stop as he approached from behind and hit the back of my car.
  13. The kid was on his way to his high school and was SO apologetic.
    He kept calling me sir (I was 23 at the time). I let him go without calling the insurance even though the back of my car had a small crack.
  14. The Cruze years
    When I graduated college in 2010, I bought a 2011 Chevy Cruze. It was the first brand new car I've ever owned.
  15. It was a really nice car, but man, it's a wonder I never totaled that thing
    I put it through the ringer.
  16. I was in a freak accident involving a wire.
    It was sort of loose and hanging from the poles that normally suspended it over the road. It was a dark and snowy night, and I didn't see it.
  17. After I hit it, I didn't know WHAT I hit, so I went back to make sure it wasn't a person or something.
    Then I hit it again.
  18. That damn wire did over $3000 worth of damage.
  19. Static
  20. Static
  21. I know, it doesn't look like mhch
    But it was worse than it looked. Thank God for insurance.
  22. On the EXACT same stretch of road, I hit a deer several months later.
    That fucker hit ME more accurately. He came out of nowhere when I was driving to work in the middle of the night after getting paged for an emergency.
  23. This time it almost $4000 worth of damage.
    Fucking deer. When I called my insurance company, she was like, "You should probably avoid that road from now," which we had a good laugh about.
  24. The Trax years
    It's a 2015 Chevy Trax, and it's awesome. I just bought it in August, and it's the nicest thing I've ever owned.
  25. No accidents with this one yet.
    Hopefully it stays that way.