1. Elden Henson
    I wasn't really there for him and also never physically touched him (unlike the others). I like him, but the person I really was there to see was Charlie Cox.
  2. Evan Peters
    Another one I wasn't totally there for, I just went with my brother to meet him. Like Elden, I am an Evan fan, but unlike Elden, I physically touched Evan, so he's a spot higher on the list.
  3. Chris Hemsworth
    Chris was very subdued. He wasn't unfriendly, just very quiet and professional, which is not a bad thing.
  4. Chris Evans
    Chris Evans is exactly the way you expect him to be based on interviews and stuff. He's like a puppy (which is a good thing). He was super nice, and also his beard looked good.
  5. Charlie Cox
    Charlie Cox was SO NICE. Like, I can't even get over even now months later how friendly he was. I actually met him twice in this day, and he remembered me the second time. We chatted about the World Series (since I'm from Cleveland) a bit, wherein I may have inadvertently cursed them by saying I thought the Indians would lose. And it wasn't fake nice either. He's seriously one of the most genuine people I've ever met.
  6. Sebastian Stan
    Seb 😍 I love him so much. He's my fave celebrity, and I drove from the Cleveland area to Philadelphia just to meet him (and Chris Evans too). It was so worth it. He was his usual baby bear cub adorable self, and he also let fans take selfies with him (which technically he wasn't supposed to do, but who was going to stop him?). The only bad thing is that I was too scared and starstruck to ask for a selfie. I regret that very much now.