I recently watched all of Gilmore Girls for the first time, and I LOVED IT. There are so many characters though, so I stuck with people who were series regulars at some point on the show.
  1. 14.
    Dean Forester
    Man...I just hate Dean. He wanted to rush into everything and made such a big deal of shit. Like seriously, Dean, who the hell celebrates a three month anniversary with such intensity? Who breaks up with his girlfriend because she doesn't say "I love you" back...AFTER THREE MONTHS?! And I'm not even getting into your ill-advised marriage. I do like that we watched him get progressively larger as the series went on. It was seriously remarkable.
  2. 13.
    Jason Stiles
    He was really only a regular for one season, so that's not enough time to make a big impression. His facial hair is on point though, so I guess that's something.
  3. 12.
    Logan Huntzberger
    Logan sucks. Maybe it's because I'm such Jess trash, I don't know. But I thought he was a spoiled, entitled, immature guy who wasn't good enough for Rory.
  4. 11.
    Richard Gilmore
    Richard means well, even when he makes the wrong choices, but I have some issues with how he treats Emily occasionally. He let his mom walk all over her and was secretly meeting his ex-girlfriend for lunch FOR YEARS.
  5. 10.
    Michel Gerard
    I like Michel, I do. This is where the list becomes difficult. Really 8-11 on this list are interchangeable depending on what's going on in the show. Michel is so sassy, and I love it.
  6. 9.
    Kirk Gleason
    So funny sometimes. Kirk could have been annoying, but for me he never was. I love Kirk.
  7. 8.
    Lorelai Gilmore
    Lorelai made me really angry sometimes. Sometimes I thought she was overly callous to her mother, and don't get me started on how she treated Jess. But her relationship with Rory was so nice.
  8. 7.
    Emily Gilmore
    Emily is SO INTENSE, and I love it. Very often I don't agree with her, but I love how confident and unabashed she is in nearly everything she does.
  9. 6.
    Sookie St. James
    Sookie is so cute. It was hard putting her this low on the list, but...THERE ARE JUST SO MANY CHARACTERS ON THIS SHOW THAT I LOVE AND THIS WAS SO MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.
  10. 5.
    Jess Mariano
    Jess, my love. He's so damaged, but it's not his fault. So much in his life has broken him down, and there are too many people who just don't understand him. It's hard for him to trust people, even when he loves them, and that's something I can empathize with.
  11. 4.
    Rory Gilmore
    I love Rory. She's super cute and smart and kind and funny and basically perfect (excerpt for the time she slept with Dean. That was a mistake), but not in an annoying way. She made some questionable choices during the show, but I mean, she was a teenager/early twentysomething. Everyone's been there at some point.
  12. 3.
    Lane Kim
    Lane is just SO ADORABLE. I thought her growth throughout the show was really compelling. Her relationship with her mother was so nuanced. It could have been clichéd, but there was so much more to it than a strict mother with a rebellious daughter. Also she's got really pretty hair.
  13. 2.
    Luke Danes
    I just love Luke so much. He's so gruff and surly on the surface, and I love that, but - like Jess - he's got a softy gooey center. It's so endearing how much he cares for Rory.
  14. 1.
    Paris Geller
    Paris is even more intense than Emily, and that's really saying something. She just brings me so much joy. She doesn't hold back and pulls no punches. I mean, this is the girl who arranged a strike in hours against the person threatening her dorm suite roommates and her. We should all aspire to be more like Paris Eustace Geller