By Buffyverse, I mean Buffy and Angel.
  1. 45.
    Warren Meers
    This asshole killed Tara. I'm glad Willow flayed him.
  2. 44.
    Annoying with a capital A, and the romance with Willow was so forced.
  3. 43.
    I hated this asshole, which I guess was the point.
  4. 42.
    The Master
  5. 41.
    Mr. Trick
  6. 40.
  7. 39.
    Maggie Walsh
  8. 38.
    Mayor Wilkins
  9. 37.
    Riley Finn
  10. 36.
    The only reason Connor is this high is because of season 5 Connor. Based just on season 3 and 4 Connor, he'd be last. Well...he wouldn't be lower than Kennedy or Warren.
  11. 35.
    Ben Wilkinson
    Can you believe this is the same guy who plays Frank Delfino? I swear he's found the Bianca Lawson fountain of youth or something. He looks better the older he gets.
  12. 34.
    Lindsey McDonald
    Fun fact: I didn't know that was his last name until I looked it up. It doesn't seem to fit. Anyway, I like his portrayer more than the character himself to be honest.
  13. 33.
    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
    I liked Wesley less and less as the show went on. His arc was never the most interesting to me to be honest.
  14. 32.
    Amanda, Rona, Vi, Clara, etc
    I just clumped most of the potentials together, and this is just their average rank. Some might have been ranked higher individually (like Vi) and some lower (like Clara), but this is the average.
  15. 31.
    Robin Wood
    I wonder if his name was purposely meant to be so similar to Robin Hood.
  16. 30.
    I go back and forth on Spike. I liked him for awhile until he fucking tried to force himself on Buffy, and then I hated him. Then he got his soul back, and I liked him again, then I didn't like him on Angel at first and then liked him again by the end of the season. (PS I chose this picture for a certain follower of mine. He knows who he is)
  17. 29.
  18. 28.
    Kendra Young
    How she looks younger now - 18 years later - is insane.
  19. 27.
    Jonathan Levinson
  20. 26.
    Amy Madison
  21. 25.
    Gwen Raiden
    I wish she'd been on the show more.
  22. 24.
    Rupert Giles
  23. 23.
  24. 22.
    Andrew Wells
  25. 21.
    Xander Harris
  26. 20.
    Dawn Summers
    Dawn could be kind of annoying, but not only was she a hormonal teenager whose sister fought horrors beyond imagination and whose mom died suddenly, she was also dealing with the realization that she was millennia-old Key whose entire life was a carefully constructed lie. I'd be annoying too if I were her.
  27. 19.
    Jenny Calendar
    She's the reason Angel got his soul back.
  28. 18.
    Lilah Morgan
  29. 17.
    Francis Doyle
    He'd be a lot higher on this list if he'd lasted longer. Doyle was brave and caring and kind, and he was funny too! He made me laugh so much. And there was just something about that accent...
  30. 16.
    Two characters in a row where the portrayer is now dead. Rest in peace, Glenn and Andy. Miss you.
  31. 15.
    Charles Gunn
    Sunshine and rainbows in human form (most of the time).
  32. 14.
    He's actually the highest guy on this list.
  33. 13.
    Even though she killed Kendra.
  34. 12.
  35. 11.
    Hands down the best villain in the series ever.
  36. 10.
    Faith Lehane
  37. 9.
    Willow Rosenberg
    She loses points for the whole magic addiction thing in season 6 (though Dark Willow was a badass). Also I love the scene this gif is from.
  38. 8.
    Joyce Summers
  39. 7.
    Harmony Kendall
    Especially after she became a vampire.
  40. 6.
    Amy Acker was SO GOOD. It wasn't the makeup that made her Illyria, as proven by the episode where Fred's parents come visit. It was like Amy flipped a switch inside herself. It was amazing her she could so effortlessly shift from Fred to Illyria and back again in everything from her body language to her voice to her expression. Incredible.
  41. 5.
    Anya Jenkins
  42. 4.
    Buffy Summers
    This scene is iconic. I love when she says to the First, "I want get out of my face!" And then proceeds to kick ass.
  43. 3.
    Winifred Burkle
  44. 2.
    Tara Maclay
    I have a special place in my heart for Tara. She helped me discover some things about myself, and I'm grateful to her for that.
  45. 1.
    Cordelia Chase
    Number one fave. I always like the mean girl characters, but she was so much more than that. Cordelia was a hero. She lived as a hero, she fought as a hero, and she died a hero. She is living proof that anyone can make a difference, and I find her very inspiring and encouraging. She went from a vapid popular girl to a selfless champion who literally gave her life in her effort to fight the good fight. We should all aspire to be like her.