1. John Trousdale
    He's got like two lines in the movie and less than five minutes of screen time. Of course he's last. I couldn't even find a proper picture of him.
  2. Everett Stone
    Everett is BY FAR the most boring member of the Stone Family. The fact that both of the Morton women would want to be with him is beyond me. Plus I feel like he was never really on Meredith's side and didn't do much to make her feel welcome in his home.
  3. Elizabeth Trousdale
    She could have easily been annoying, and she definitely walked that fine line. She might have even stepped over it a couple of times, like when she was going through Meredith's stuff and then broke her shoe. I would have been pissed.
  4. Brad Stevenson
    I like Brad, he just wasn't in the movie enough for him to be higher on the list. But he was so nice to Sybil when he came to Christmas and is so sweet to Amy.
  5. Thad Stone
    The thing with Thad is that they never really develop him beyond being gay and deaf. Still, he's nice. It's just that there are so many great characters that I like more.
  6. Julie Morton
    Like with Thad, there are just a lot of characters I like more than Julie. I really admire her spirit though and wish I could be more like her sometimes.
  7. Patrick Thomas
    Patrick was just so welcoming and nice to Meredith. Meeting the Stones wasn't easy for her, and he always gave her the benefit of the doubt and tried to make her feel more comfortable. It's probably because he remembers what it was like when he was in the same position.
  8. Kelly Stone
    This is where it starts getting really hard. Kelly is so caring and loving and just tries to take care of everyone. Like Patrick and Susannah, he tried to hard to make Meredith feel welcome (a lot more than Everett did, that's for sure).
  9. Susannah Stone-Trousdale
    From the start, Susannah welcomed Meredith warmly to the Stone house. She's the sweetest member of the Stone Family for sure.
  10. Sybil Stone
    Sybil. Sybil Sybil Sybil. She wasn't the most welcoming to Meredith, and she wasn't always the easiest to get along with. But her motivations were good. She was dying, and this was her last Christmas. All she wanted was for it to be perfect. And she was trying to make sure that her family would be okay after she was gone. That's all she wanted.
  11. Ben Stone
    Ah, Ben. I love him. He's so strange, but in an endearing way, and he really does care about his family and even Meredith, whom he's just met. Maybe it's not as obvious as say Susannah or Kelly, but he's got a lot of love in his heart.
  12. Amy Stone
    Amy had a bit of maturing to do, but in the end she recognized her faults and felt remorse. Up until that point though, Amy didn't care what anyone thought, but she has a good heart underneath her rough exterior, just like so much of the Stone Family.
  13. Meredith Morton
    I am not blind to Meredith's faults, but she was trying. Really, Meredith reminds me of myself. She was in an uncomfortable situation where she was meeting a family that was often very abrasive, and I think I'd handle it the same way, being reserved until letting my guard down like Meredith did. She says the wrong thing sometimes, she can be off-putting, but it comes from a place of insecurity. I just feel like I understand Meredith and can really empathize with her.