1. So I've been going to Disney World and Universal Orlando since I was 7 months old.
    That means for almost 29 years.
  2. I love it, I've always loved it, and I'm finally going back this year.
    It's not for awhile still, but I'm in the planning stages.
  3. The last time I went was in 2009.
    Back then I was 21 and relatively happy, and I wasn't dealing with some of the issues I have now.
  4. The years since have been a bit rough.
    And by "a bit" I mean very.
  5. I've developed the one-two punch of depression and anxiety issues.
    Lucky me.
  6. My fear is that when I go back this year, which my anxiety issues that I'm not going to be able to enjoy it the way I used to.
    Namely the rides are what have me concerned. Some of them can be quite intense.
  7. When I went before, I could do pretty much anything I wanted without issues, but that was 2009 me.
    2017 me is a lot different, and naturally I'm anxious about becoming anxious by the rides.
  8. The purpose of this list is to seek out anyone who might understand.
    Do any of you have these issues and also love Disney World and Universal Orlando?
  9. Do you have issues with the more intense rides at any of the parks?
    Or intense rides at non-Disney/Universal parks even?
  10. I don't want this anxiety to ruin this vacation
    And I don't want the fear of becoming anxious prevent me from riding the rides I like.
  11. Can anyone offer me some insight into this issue?
  12. I agree - my anxiety has gotten a lot worse as I've gotten older. My husband likes to watch YouTube videos of the rides, beforehand, to see what he can handle. Maybe give that a try?
    Are you going during peak dates? That really raises my anxiety too. If you can avoid the spring or summer break, for sure do that.
    Suggested by @rachelanne
  13. I've only been to Disneyland, not world, but I agree with the YouTube suggestion. What makes me the most anxious is people in line. So maybe listen to music or a podcast or something in line, or have someone to talk to. If you have people with you, make sure you're comfortable around them/they understand you have anxiety.
    But as far as fear of rides go, yes, most rides are fun, but also focus on the simpler aspects of the park that are still fun. Remind yourself that skipping out on a ride in favor of walking around/enjoying other aspects of the park does not equal less fun or a bad decision. Not every ride is for everyone!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy