1. This picture
  2. Seriously, if I had to choose one picture that perfectly summed up how I feel about the world (especially lately), this would be it.
  3. "Climate change isn't real"
  4. "Donald Trump should be allowed to have a private email server"
  5. "Meryl Streep is one of the most overrated actresses because she doesn't like me and I can't handle it because I'm a big baby"
  6. Alternative facts
  7. Dishonest media
  8. Fake news
  9. All of those "illegal votes" for Hillary
  10. This list has become more political than it was intended.
    That's okay.
  11. Also this
  12. Gun control that made it difficult for severely mentally ill to obtain guns being repealed.
    It's not like that was a good idea or anything.
  13. Attacks on the Affordable Care Act
    Because it's not like everyone needs health care or anything.
  14. Attacks on Planned Parenthood
  15. The Muslim ban
  16. That we've got four more years of this shit.
  17. That we might have eight more.
    I guess that would be my third gpoy. This list really wasn't intended to be political at the start. That's just where my mind is right now I guess.