An appreciation post since she didn't get an Oscar nomination. Also this isn't even close to all of them.
  1. 12.
    Cousin Beth - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This is one of the first things I saw Amy in. At that point, she looked vaguely familiar (I think I had seen Drop Dead Gorgeous first). Her role wasn't that big, just one episode, and her character wasn't very likable.
  2. 11.
    Alex - Pumpkin
    This is my favorite movie (it also features Christina Ricci and Melissa McCarthy before she hit it big), but Amy's role is not large. I think she says a total of three lines or so, if that. Mostly she stands around wearing black and looking disdainful. But we got an iconic scene wherein Christina yells at Alex and her friends, "If you three bitches come near me again, I'll rip your fucking heads off!" Classic. That's her on the left.
  3. 10.
    Anna Brady - Leap Year
    This movie could have been a lot better. Also I'm glad Amy didn't go the shitty rom-com route. I love a good rom-com, but a lot of them suck. She learned from actresses like Kate Hudson (who's actually a wonderful actress when she's not, you know, starring in shitty rom-coms).
  4. 9.
    Rose Lorkowski - Sunshine Cleaning
    Another movie that could have been better, but I liked it still. I thought it would be more like its forebear Little Miss Sunshine, but it was not. It also features Emily Blunt as her sister and Alan Arkin as their dad. I just realized she and Emily are both nominated for the SAG. I wonder if there will be a little Sunshine Cleaning reunion.
  5. 8.
    Leslie Miller - Drop Dead Gorgeous
    I used to really love this movie, but I re-watched it recently for the first time in forever, and some of the jokes don't sit well with me anymore (like the anorexia ones in particular). But Amy's role - while on the smaller end - is still funny.
  6. 7.
    Sydney Prosser - American Hustle
    I wanted to like this movie more since I love Silver Linings Playbook. Even so, great performances, especially from Amy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper.
  7. 6.
    Amy - Her
    I like this movie a lot, and Amy was predictably good. This is actually a really odd movie, but great performances - chiefly from Amy, Joaquin Phoenix, and Scarlett Johansson - keep it grounded on a more personal level.
  8. 5.
    Susan Morrow - Nocturnal Animals
    I went back and forth on where I wanted to put this - I kept switching it with Louise. I know this movie wasn't to everyone's taste, but I loved it (it was my number four movie of 2016). Amy was so haunting as Susan (as I've talked in depth with @rycores - we both loved her)
  9. 4.
    Louise Banks - Arrival
    And here we come to my number two movie of the year. She should have been nominated. Her work was subtle and nuanced yet packed with deep, underlying emotion. One of her best.
  10. 3.
    Giselle - Enchanted
    I LOVE Enchanted! It's Disneyfied in the best possible way. The songs are catchy, the story is fresh, and everyone is great in it. I regularly sing "That's How You Know" in my car.
  11. 2.
    Ashley Johnsten - Junebug
    This is when I really knew Amy was going to be big. She was the heart of this movie, even when that heart was breaking. Loved loved loved her in this.
  12. 1.
    Lois Lane - Man of Steel/Batman v Superman
    I know...not a very high brow choice for my top Amy role. But Lois has always been one of my favorite DC characters, and Amy brought warmth and empathy and strength to the role. Despite my deep love for Henry Cavill, Amy is the best part of these movies.