This isn't all the shows I watch, but it's a lot of them.
  1. 90210
  2. Favorite: Naomi Clark
  3. Most like: Erin Silver
  4. Buffy/Angel
  5. Favorite: Cordelia Chase
  6. Most like: Winifred Burkle
  7. Community
  8. Favorites: Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Britta Perry
    I can't pick between these girls.
  9. Most like: Britta Perry
  10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  11. Favorite: Darryl Whitefeather
  12. Most like: Rebecca Bunch
    This is not a good thing.
  13. Dexter
  14. Favorite: Rita Bennett
  15. Most like: Debra Morgan
  16. Faking It
  17. Favorite: Lauren Cooper
  18. Most like: Amy Raudenfeld
  19. The Flash
  20. Favorite: Caitlin Snow
  21. Most like: Barry Allen
  22. Friends
  23. Favorite: Phoebe Buffay
  24. Most like: Monica Geller
  25. Gilmore Girls
  26. Favorite: Paris Geller
  27. Most like: Luke Danes
  28. Gossip Girl
  29. Favorite: Blair Waldorf
  30. Most like: Dan Humphrey
    Maybe this is why I didn't like him for the first half of the series. I was tempted to put Jenny, since we're both human disasters, but that's about all we've got in common.
  31. Grey's Anatomy
  32. Favorite/most like: Meredith Grey
  33. Hart of Dixie
  34. Favorite: Lemon Breeland
  35. Most like: Zoe Hart
  36. Hemlock Grove
  37. Favorite: Roman Godfrey
  38. Most like: Shelley Godfrey
  39. How I Met Your Mother
  40. Favorite/most like: Robin Scherbatsky
  41. How to Get Away With Murder
  42. Favorite: Connor Walsh
  43. Most like: Bonnie Winterbottom
  44. LOST
  45. Favorite/most like: Juliet Burke
  46. Modern Family
  47. Favorite: Haley Dunphy
  48. Most like: Alex Dunphy
  49. The O.C.
  50. Favorite: Summer Roberts
  51. Most like: Marissa Cooper
    I could have put Seth here too, but lately I've been feeling more like Marissa.
  52. Orphan Black
  53. Favorite: Alison Hendrix
  54. Most like: Cosima Niehaus
  55. Parks and Recreation
    My favorite thing is that I had to cut Jerry out of this photo.
  56. Favorite: Chris Traeger
  57. Most like: April Ludgate
  58. Pretty Little Liars
  59. Favorite: Mona Vanderwaal
  60. Most like: Spencer Hastings
    I hate to admit this almost as much as I hate Spencer.
  61. Scream
  62. Favorite: Brooke Maddox
  63. Most like: Emma Duval
    I guess it could be worse.
  64. Scream Queens
  65. Favorite: Chanel No. 3
  66. Most like: Chanel No. 5
  67. Sense8
  68. Favorite: Will Gorski
  69. Most like: Hernando
  70. Stranger Things
  71. Favorite: Dustin Henderson
  72. Most like: Barb Holland
  73. Supergirl
  74. Favorite/most like: Winn Schott
  75. Teen Wolf
  76. Favorite: Lydia Martin
  77. Most like: Allison Argent
  78. Ugly Betty
  79. Favorite: Amanda Tanen
  80. Most like: Betty Suarez
  81. United States of Tara
  82. Favorite/most like: Marshall Gregson
  83. UnREAL
  84. Favorite/most like: Rachel Goldberg
  85. Veronica Mars
  86. Favorite: Veronica Mars
  87. Most like: Cindy Mackenzie
  88. The Walking Dead
  89. Favorite: Beth Greene
  90. Most like: Rosita Espinosa