I finished Crazy Ex-Girlfriend today and just really loved it (and the songs). These aren't in any particular order.
  1. the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend theme song
    My favorite part is when Rebecca gets in an argument with the sun.
  2. I Give Good Parent
    I was dying during this one. Lourdes singing with Rebecca and wearing a gold grill...classic.
  3. Settle For Me
    A little long but insanely catchy. I also love Heather's reverse version "Don't Settle For Me."
  4. I'm So Good at Yoga
    This is when I knew how awesomely absurd this show was going to be.
  5. Feelin' Kinda Naughty
    And this solidified that notion. 🎶 I wanna lock you in a basement with sound proof walls/and take over your identity. 🎶
  6. Face Your Fears
    So did this one.
  7. I Have Friends
    This is the one that's been stuck in my head the most.
  8. Sex With a Stranger
    🎶 hey sexy stranger, come back to my place/and I hope you're not a murderer/kiss me, baby, all over the place/and please don't be a murderer. 🎶
  9. Women Gotta Stick Together
    Valencia is the best. I love her. What's great is that she's actually more complex and layered then she comes across initially. She's not some two-dimensional villain.
  10. Put Yourself First
    I love how the camp girls all rallied around Rebecca to help her when she was upset.
  11. Gettin' Bi
    The way the show treats bisexuality is refreshing.
  12. I'm the Villain in My Own Story
    I feel so much like Rebecca, and this is a prime example.
  13. You Stupid Bitch
    This one exemplifies how I feel even more. This show has really made it clear just how deep my self-esteem issues truly are.