The first two weeks of October are the worst for me, so my brain being a pain in the ass and making me moody as hell is even worse at this time of year, so I spent much of the day sad. But I'm trying to remember that it wasn't a total loss.
  1. I broke in my new flannel
    It's a bit big on me, but it's super comfortable.
  2. I did not get a speeding ticket
    Even though I drove past a police car going ten miles over the speed limit.
  3. I saw The Girl on the Train
    Emily Blunt killed it. So good.
  4. I went to my parents' house and visited with my pets
    My cats Princess, Mary, Damien, the Kitten, and Fat Black, and my dog, Lucille.
  5. I learned how to take a live photo.
    It was of Princess, and I don't know if it'll work on here. Pretend she's moving.
  6. I got my coffee for free at Starbucks
    I don't understand how this happened. Part of me thinks the barista might have been flirting with me, which is good for the ol' ego, but I don't know. He just handed me my coffee and said, "it's on us today." It was very strange.
  7. I saw a yard that used to have a Trump sign now with a Hillary sign
    And I saw more yards that had their Trump signs removed. Things are moving in the right direction (I hope).