1. Recently I've been going to various Comic Cons
    I've gone with my brother and sister-in-law before and by myself.
  2. In February, I met Chris Hemsworth in Cleveland, and in June I met Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan in Philadelphia.
    Cleveland was just a day trip since I live close (I went with my brother and sister-in-law), but Philadelphia required me to spend the night (I went by myself this time). That's okay though because I love Seb so much (and Evans is awesome too of course).
  3. Yesterday my brother and I made the trek to Pittsburgh for the Con there.
    It's further away than Cleveland but was still just a day trip.
  4. It was my idea to go.
    Charlie Cox from Daredevil was going to be there, and I love him a lot (not as much as Seb, but a lot).
  5. I had a bit of a crisis of confidence about what to wear (since it was going to be in the photo obviously)
    As evidenced by this text to my sister
  6. It was a little rough getting there.
    First we missed our exit, then we had a slight detour, and then we couldn't find parking. We eventually did about a half-mile away, but then we realized that the convention center had its own parking garage - we had driven right by it. Both of us were a little embarrassed.
  7. My brother and I had a photo op with Charlie first.
    And Elden Henson too (also from Daredevil), but Charlie was who I really wanted to see.
  8. They were both nice.
    They shook our hands, and Charlie made sure to ask us what our names were.
  9. Then it was picture time.
    I was sandwiched between Elden and Charlie (my brother was on Charlie's other side), but I was basically against Charlie because he put his arm around me and pulled me against him. It was awesome 😍
  10. For anyone who has gone to these things, you know the photo ops are super fast usually.
    Like it took us about 10-20 seconds total, which was how it was when I met Hemsworth, Evans, and Seb too. So there wasn't much time to chat.
  11. Next it was time for me to get Charlie's autograph.
    The autographs are less rushed than the photo ops, so there's more time to chat. With Hemsworth, he was polite but very reserved. Basically just "hello, thanks for coming." Was Seb, he was much more talkative, even letting you take selfies with him (which I don't think was strictly allowed, but it's not like they're gonna stop him). Of course, I was too nervous to say much or ask him for a selfie, which I still regret.
  12. Charlie was more on Seb's side of the spectrum.
    Actually I think he went beyond Seb. I didn't see anyone getting selfies, but he was so nice. Like I can't get over how nice he was. He was so sweet and genuine and made sure to spend time with each person in line to talk with them and make sure they were having a good time. It meant the line moved slowly, but I was near the front, so I didn't care. He shook everyone's hand and asked their name, and when it was my turn he said, "Oh yeah, I met you earlier." I may have swooned a little.
  13. Unlike with Seb, I could actually say more than thank you.
    I think this was partially because Seb is my favorite actor, so I was more starstruck, but Charlie also has this calming presence about him. Like it made it feel like he was just a regular guy just having a regular conversation with you. It was amazing honestly. We had a little chat for a couple of minutes, and then it was done. I got so much more out of that than the photo to be honest.
  14. Here's the autograph
  15. My brother had gone somewhere else to meet other people, so I had some time to kill while I was done.
    I perused the various vendors there because there's always cool stuff. Strangely, there were two different fudge vendors, and they had unique kinds of fudge. I bought some tiramisu fudge, which is delicious.
  16. I also bought this shirt.
  17. And this one.
  18. Then I found my brother, and it time to meet Evan Peters.
    Unsurprisingly, his line was the longest, but it still moved pretty fast. It helped that we had a discussion with these two people in line in front of us about American Horror Story, which helped pass the time. Like the other ops, it was a very quick meeting, less than 30 seconds, but it was still cool to meet him.
  19. By that point, by brother and I were both starving.
    The food line was impossibly long (though not as much as it was in Philly), and neither of us had eaten, so we left since we were done with what we had come there for.
  20. Overall, it was a good day.
    The parts with the celebrities feel a little surreal, but that's how it always is. I enjoyed meeting them all, but most especially Charlie.