From movies, TV shows, video games, etc
  1. Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI - Final Fantasy IX
    Allegedly she used to be a kind and benevolent ruler, but I didn't see any of that. I mean, she destroyed Cleyra for God's sake.
  2. Seifer Almasy - Final Fantasy VIII
    What a whiny little baby, am I right? Whereas his lackies Fujin and Raijin were entertaining and funny, Seifer was just an annoying pain in the ass.
  3. Blaine Anderson - Glee
    This kid ruined the show for me. He is by far the number one reason I stopped watching this shit in season 3.
  4. Annie Archambeau - Hemlock Grove
    She was so extra, and also her incestuous relationship with Roman was icky. But the whole of season 3 was basically crap, so she fit right in.
  5. Karma Ashcroft - Faking It
    I think she's selfish and wishy washy and acts like the victim too frequently. I cannot for the life of me understand what Amy or Liam or anyone else ever sees in her other than the fact that she's pretty.
  6. Trey Atwood - The O.C.
    For awhile, I hated Logan Marshall-Green too, but I just saw his movie The Invitation not long ago, and it was excellent. He was great, so now I only hate the character, not the actor.
  7. Vyvyan Ayrs - Cloud Atlas
    He stole Frobisher's work and then caused him to kill himself. What a dick.
  8. Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl
    I used to like Chuck, but then he kept treating Blair like shit and being an all around horrible person. The most I've ever liked him is when Clémence Poésy was playing his girlfriend because he actually tried to be a good person then. And don't get me started on how unhealthy Chuck and Blair's romance was.
  9. Jeremy Caner - UnREAL
    This guy strung Rachel around, telling her all the things that were wrong with her. Is it any wonder that she chose Adam (not that that worked out for her)? And then, just when I thought he couldn't get any worse, he PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED HER. Okay, so you might say, "Yeah, but he was drunk." Well A) that is no excuse, and B) once sober, he kept blaming her for it in a very heated conversation. He's scum.
  10. Miranda Cates - Hemlock Grove
    All she did was get between Roman and Peter, and then she fucking kidnapped Nadia.
  11. Connor - Angel
    Whiny whiny whiny. Also the whole thing with Cordelia was creepy as fuck.
  12. Michael Dawson - LOST
    "Walt?! WALT?! WAAAAALLLLTTTTT!!!" Remember that? How annoying. Also he fucking killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Asshole.
  13. Ernesto Falta - Devious Maids
    I just hate how Ernesto came in and stole Rosie from Spence with little to no remorse (though for the record, I was disappointed in her for leaving Spence too). Also he gave up a child to drug dealers knowing they were going to murder her.
  14. Wilson Fisk - Daredevil
    He made for a good villain, but Lord did I hate him, most especially when he killed Ben.
  15. Ross Geller - Friends
    You know, Ross had his moments where he was really funny (like "GET OFF MY SISTER" and "WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?!" and the leather pants for instance), but overall, no thanks.
  16. The Governor - The Walking Dead
    He killed Andrea, he killed Hershel, and he was just an all around asshole.
  17. Henry Grubstick - Ugly Betty
    So overrated. I never understood what Betty saw in him.
  18. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars
    I can't stand her. I don't even really know why, I just know I find her intolerable at times.
  19. Pierce Hawthorne - Community
    I get that he was supposed to be an offensive character, and the writers were successful in making him that way, which is why I hate him. I was so glad when he died.
  20. Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII
    Oh my God, Rinoa is the biggest pain in the ass. So often while playing this game I'm just like, "RINOA SHUT UP FOR FUCK'S SAKE." I mean, like the time she was wondering if they had to fight even though she was the leader of a resistance movement, how she would get on Squall for not supporting Zell when he gave away that they were from Balamb Garden, stuff like that. I don't understand how Squall could fall for her. He should have ended up with Quistis.
  21. Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy VII
    What a misogynistic asshole. He treated Shera like shit, and no one really said anything about it, so I guess that's on them too.
  22. Aubrey Jensen - Scream: The TV Series
    I don't think the actress is great, and I think that really hinders the character. Also what is the deal with her recording everything (which she doesn't do as much these days I guess)? In what universe is that not creepy? I'll admit that I don't really hate her in season 2 (I just don't like her much), so maybe she shouldn't even be on this list anymore.
  23. Kennedy - Buffy the Vampire Slaye
    Kennedy was no Tara, I can tell you that much. Not only was she annoying, she also had zero chemistry with Willow.
  24. Kilgrave - Jessica Jones
    See my thoughts on Wilson Fisk above.
  25. Kimmy - The Purge: Election Year
    Oh Lord, I hated this girl. I was so happy when she died.
  26. Loki Laufeyson - anything Marvel (but especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    Especially when he hijacks Thor's movies, which is too often.
  27. Santana Lopez - Glee
    Too many of her fans let her get away with too much shit.
  28. Stu Macher - Scream
    At least Billy was an interesting (if not obvious) killer. Stu was just annoying, and what the hell was his motive even?
  29. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf
    A total Mary Sue (or Gary Stu, which I think is the boy version). He's dumb and makes stupid choices, yet everyone is expected to worship him.
  30. Sean McNamara - Nip/Tuck
    This show is filled with horrible people. Like I can count on one hand the number of major characters I actually liked. How I stuck with this show until the end is beyond me.
  31. Warren Mears - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This motherfucker killed Tara. He deserves what he got at the hands of Dark Willow.
  32. George O'Malley - Grey's Anatomy
    Not at first though, but over time I liked him less and less until I was glad to see him go. His death was still shocking and effectively executed though (no pun intended).
  33. Shane Ross - Grey's Anatomy
    Never going to forgive him for causing Heather's death and facing virtually no consequences for it.
  34. Jesse St. James - Glee
    Overrated in my opinion, and he treated Rachel like shit.
  35. Tony Stark - Marvel/MCU
    I used to not hate him (though he was never my fave), but after Captain America: Civil War when he tried to kill my fave Bucky and turned half of the Avengers (Steve, Natasha, Sam, Wanda, Clint) into fugitives, I just can't take him.
  36. Oliver Trask - The O.C.
    Who has ever watched the first season of The O.C. and NOT hated this guy?
  37. Christian Troy - Nip/Tuck
    To be fair, I hate about 95% of the people on this show.
  38. Shane Walsh - The Walking Dead
    Just an all-around asshole. He wouldn't leave Lori alone once Rick came back, and he a did a slew of morally questionable things. I was so glad when he died.
  39. Peri Westmore - Devious Maids
    She was so horrible to Rosie, my favorite character, and then she used Spence's memory loss to her advantage. Like others on this list, I was glad when she died.
  40. Margaret White - Carrie
    The definition of a craze religious fanatic. Like...I don't even know where to start with her.
  41. Ashley Williams - Mass Effect series
    I always sacrifice her on Virmire (why would I kill sweet baby Kaidan, am I right?). She's annoying and is a space racist.