So this year will be the tenth anniversary of my high school graduation, and it's got me feeling nostalgic. I'll probably have a part two list eventually.
  1. Dissecting Fluffy Zelda
    When I was in 11th grade, I took one of my favorite high school classes (Anatomy) with one of my favorite high school teachers (who had also taught my Biology class the previous year). One of the things we had to do was dissect a cat though, which I was not keen on because of it, you know, being a cat. But I did it. We were in groups of four, and I ended up with my friend Michelle (the one who ended up dying - see my last list), this girl Tiffani, and this guy named Dan, who was one of those...
  2. (continued)
    ...macho jock types. Looking at our group, you'd think he would be the least squeamish. I mean, there was me, the vegetarian cat lover, and Tiffani, who was a girly girl, but it turned out Dan was so put off by it. Tiffani actually ended up being super into it, her and Michelle just jumping right in. I did my share too, but Dan couldn't bring himself to do it. We named our cat Fluffy Zelda and had her do a little dance. The teacher loved that (seriously, he did) We also dropped her once...oops.
  3. Cow heart
    In that same class, the teacher procured a cow heart from a nearby farm, and it was still warm. He was teaching us all about it, and I asked if I could touch it. He was just tickled that someone wanted to do that, so I went up and was feeling all the valves and stuff. It was actually pretty cool. I don't know why I was fine with that since I don't eat meat, but I thought of it in a very clinical way I guess.
  4. (continued)
    The next year, my sister was the only one who wanted to touch the heart, and the teacher was just like "what is it with you two?" But he loved us. He even named me science student of the month once.
  5. Frog and ICP girl
    In my junior and senior year, I had a lunchtime study hall on the stage in the gym (weird, I know). It consisted of people of all four grades seated alphabetically, and in my senior year I ended up with this kind of scary looking girl named Cara who loved Insane Clown Posse (she was a sophomore), a goth junior named Justin, and this burnout freshman who went by Frog (I never learned his real name). I kind of knew Justin already because we had had gym together two years prior, but Cara and Frog..
  6. (continued)
    ...were new to me. To be honest, I was kind of uncomfortable around them at first. Because of how the room was set up, we were at the table furthest from the teacher, which meant we got to talk the most since she couldn't hear us if we whispered. I was glad we got seated together in the end because Frog and Cara ended up being really cool. Frog was the drummer in a band and was so weird, but in a hilarious way. That kid had more energy than anyone I've ever known. Cara turned out to be really...
  7. (continued)
    ...interesting actually. She was the first pansexual person I had ever met, and she also had so many stories from her life that were usually pretty funny or captivating in some way. I also learned a lot about Insane Clown Posse from her (it did not pique my interest enough to go to a concert with her as she suggested at one point). As for Justin, I eventually fixed him up with his now fiancée. I don't know, I just think of that study hall fondly even now.
  8. Study hall on stage with Bobby, Adam, and Corie.
    When I was a junior, I had a similar lunchtime study hall on the stage, only the teacher we had didn't give a fuck if we talked. I sat with my friends Bobby and Adam and this girl who had my name (just spelled differently), Corie, who was a freshman. That study hall was so much fun. Bobby and Adam used to give Corie a hard time (in a good-natured way) and called her Girl since they didn't want two Corie/Corys (again, not in a mean way, we all got along great). We also drew pictures of weird...
  9. (continued)
    ...shit a lot, like one was of us playing football, one was us scuba diving with sharks, etc. Maybe that's where I get my tendency to do that from. Also once my lunchtime table mate Kevin (who also had this study hall) attempted to pee in a bottle, and...let's just say it did not go as planned.
  10. Yearbook staff
    In my senior year, Michelle and our friends Julie and Rachael convinced me to join yearbook staff. What I didn't know at the time was that I would be one of five people who worked on the yearbook even though the "staff" was quite substantial. It was okay though, we got excused from study hall and got to go to the computer lab with the advisor, Mrs. Sharp, who we all grew close to (though who I now think of poorly because she didn't go to Michelle's funeral or calling hours). Because we did...
  11. (continued)
    ...all the work, we got to fill the yearbook with pictures of ourselves and our friends. Frankly I didn't care of people complained because without us there literally wouldn't have been a yearbook.
  12. ET's finger
    In junior year Honors English, my teacher loved grammar, which I loved too. We'd have to construct sentences - she gave us pre made sentences with blanks where we had to fill in words. One of them was about something we were afraid of, and independently Rachael, my sister, and I all chose E.T., like from the movie. We realized all three of us have a horrible fear of him. Rachael can't even eat sausage links because they remind her of ETs finger. We laughed about this mutual fear for forever.
  13. My Scarlet Letter is F
    In that same class, we read the Scarlet Letter, and that book fucking sucks. I couldn't get past chapter 4. When we were done with the final test over it, we had to wait quietly until everyone was done. I drew a picture on the back of an early scene (it would of had to have been since that was really the only part of the book I knew). I got an F on that test, but my teacher (who loved me) said she liked my picture. And you know, I think she really did.
  14. Reverend Hale
    Also in that class, when we were reading The Crucible, we had to act it out. I asked the teacher if I could just have a small part, and she said she would try to do that. Flash forward to the next day, and I get Reverend Fucking Hale, the second largest male part in the play. The teacher said she was sorry, but there were only five guys in the class (vs 20 girls), so she had to. I had to pretend to cry in front of everyone. It was humiliating.
  15. AP English
    I was in Honors English from ninth grade on (including college, where I was in classes called Honors Colloquium I and II). In 12th grade, I was in AP English (it was called Honors English until 12th grade...I don't know why they changed it for senior year), and we were the only class our teacher liked (which I have a theory about, as you'll see). So we had a lot of fun in there. The next several stories take place in that class.
  16. Arm wrestling
    Michelle, Julie, Tiffani, Rachael, my sister, this girl Mandy, and my friend Alyssa were all in that class, and we all sat together and stuff. One time Alyssa and I arm wrestled, and she beat me easily. She was a gymnast, so I chalked it up to her impressive upper body strength. But one by one, every one of those girls beat me, even Julie and Tiffani, who were tiny little girls. It's partially how I got the nickname Twig: because of my "twig-like" extremities (according to my sister).
  17. (continued)
    But you know, Tiffani ended up beating this one athletic guy, BJ, so maybe those girls were just like super strong somehow. Fun fact: I work with Alyssa and Mandy now. Alyssa is in the same department as me and is my oldest friend (we've been friends since kindergarten), but Mandy acts like she has no fucking idea who we are. Neither of us believe she forgot us.
  18. Drunk Mrs. Williams
    The rumor was the Mrs. Williams, the AP English teacher, was a drunk, and Lord almighty I believe it because she definitely seemed that way. We had her in the middle of the day, and we think she was happiest then because she'd been drinking since the morning and was drunk (or at least drunkish) by that point. Man, she definitely seemed out of it sometimes, and she was no longer a teacher there a few years later. It was an experience.
  19. The Lion King
    When we read Hamlet, we watched the Lion King after because apparently it's based loosely on Hamlet. None of the other classes got to and were jealous. We also had a party to go with it.
  20. Social chair
    I was the social chair of that class, meaning I planned all of or (relatively frequent) parties, which was right up my alley because I like being in control. It was a power trip for sure. Our Lion King party was all about foreign food. I'm pretty sure I brought Italian pizzelles and scachatta.
  21. Lockdown
    Once there was a lockdown drill during that class, and we had been told for several days that it would just be a drill. But Mrs. Williams must have missed that memo because she freaked the fuck out. Like oh my God, she was having a panic attack, and we all kept trying to calm her down, but she'd just shush us when we tried. When it was over, she took a LONG drink out of her mug and was much mellower after that.
  22. Book review censorship
    In my junior and senior years, I was the book reviewer, and I remember once I got censored because I reviewed The Virgin Suicides, which I thought was dumb.
  23. Warrior Princess
    We have three school mascots. My former school's team name is the Warriors, so we've got the Warrior Chief, the assistant Warrior Chief, and the Warrior Princess. It's all grotesquely politically incorrect. However I didn't quite grasp that at the time. Unlike a lot of schools, it was a big deal to be these mascots. You had to campaign and bribe students to vote for you. For our year (the mascot for the following school year was also chosen of the juniors running at the end of that school...
  24. (continued)
    ...year, so they'd be seniors when they started), I was my friend Aubrey's campaign manager. She made shirts that said "Vote for Aubrey" and made to look like Pedro's shirts in Napoleon Dynamite only with green letters. I still have mine. Anyway, Aubrey won, which we were very happy about.
  25. Matchmaking
    I was quite the matchmaker in high school. I even had my own unofficial business named Meet Your Match, with applications and everything. This would continue until a bad match in my freshman year of college between two friends, one of whom I may have accidentally gone on a date with without realizing it. Anyway, my friend Bryson liked this guy named Lee and vice versa, so one lunch period my friends Brittany, Kyle, and I wrote a pair of notes to secretly put on their tables. The notes said to...
  26. (continued) in the bathroom. Then we watched as they discovered the notes and became flustered. They did meet in the bathroom but figured it out, and in hindsight this was a misguided decision, but we really did mean well. We didn't tell Bryson for like six months that it was us.