1. So this kid was tailgating me for awhile. The speed limit was 45, I was going 55, and he was still on my ass.
  2. At one point, I looked in the rear view mirror, and I swear I saw him texting.
  3. We came to a stop sign, and the car in front of me stopped of course and then went on.
  4. I had stopped too, and I was just pulling up to the stop sign when I felt someone ram into my back end. It was the tailgating texter.
  5. Now today had been a bad day for my mental health already (I was feeling kind of depressed and melancholic and such), so I was in no mood to deal with this bullshit.
  6. I pulled into a nearby church parking lot and got out to assess the damage. The tailgating texter followed me there.
  7. To be honest, I was going to let this kid have it. I bought my car brand new less than a year ago (it'll be a year on the 24th), so I was going to be pissed if there was major damage.
  8. I got out of my car to look at the back, and lo and behold, there's NO damage.
  9. I was kind of surprised honestly, but pleasantly so.
  10. This kid though, he was acting like this was the worst accident ever. He opened his door but didn't even get out of the car - I'm pretty sure he was too nervous to walk.
  11. I told him there was no damage to my car, and he asked if his car was okay (still not getting out of his car). I looked, but his car wasn't in great shape. I told him I didn't see any obvious damage other than a bent license plate, but I didn't know what it looked like before.
  12. He still didn't get out of his car, but he asked me if I was okay like five billion times and apologized. His voice was shaking too - poor guy was so nervous.
  13. It's really hard for me to be angry at people who I get into car accidents with when they're really genuinely sorry. Mistakes happen. Yeah, I'm not happy that they did, but it could happen to anyone.
  14. This kid was still acting like this was the worst accident ever; I think it may have been his first. I was just thinking, Kid, I've totaled two cars. In fact, one of those times could have easily resulted in my or the other driver's death had things gone just a tiny bit differently. This is nothing. I didn't say that though.
  15. He then introduced himself and held his hand out to shake. His name is Clayton apparently.
  16. Then Clayton asked if I wanted his phone number or anything, but I told him no, it was fine because I didn't need to turn it in to insurance. No worries.
  17. He apologized again, and then I got back in my car and left.
  18. I'm still amused that he acted like this was the worst thing. I mean, like I said, I've totaled two cars, and I've also been in four other accidents of varying degrees of severity.
    Only one was truly my fault. The others were the result of snow/ice or deer or freak accidents involving wires.
  19. Godspeed, Clayton. I hope this has taught you an important lesson about tailgating and texting while driving.