Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's. This list will continue to be updated.
  1. Happy first night of Hanukkah, y'all.
    There was almost a crisis because the original candles I bought were too small for my Menorah, and I didn't realize it until today, so I almost didn't have candles. Thank you Target for not being like every other store in my area and remembering that Hanukkah exists.
  2. This little asshole woke me up so early. Now I know how my parents used to feel when I was a kid.
    I didn't even get her anything because I'm a bad cat dad and forgot. I think she's realized this because now she's being bad.
  3. Christmas sweater!
  4. My nephew loves the tent his grandma got for him for Christmas.
  5. Ryker is trying to drive with his feet.
  6. These are so cool.
  7. Someone got him a fedora, and he LOVES IT.
    Christmas is basically a Ryker photoshoot.
  8. Night 2 of Hanukkah!
    That wax is all from the shamash because I kept having to relight the first candle. It just wouldn't stay lit, and wax kept dripping everywhere.
  9. Hanukkah night 3
    That first one is barely holding on.
  10. Night 4
  11. Night 5
    This list is basically going to be Menorah pictures until New Year's Eve.
  12. And another one. Night 6.
  13. It was hell getting night seven to stay lit.
  14. Ryker is wearing the Hanukkah shirt I got him.
    Cameo by my Aunt Santa (one of Ryker's doting "graunties" - grand aunties - as I've dubbed them).
  15. This is from the other night. The final night.
    I thought this list would be more interesting when I created it. I need to start taking more pictures.