When it comes to favorite characters from TV shows, I apparently have a type. Note that I use the term "mean girl" a bit loosely. Some of them aren't mean at all but fit the archetype closely enough to be included on this list.
  1. Lemon Breeland, Hart of Dixie
  2. Chanel No. 3, Scream Queens
  3. Cordelia Chase, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
  4. Naomi Clark, 90210
  5. Julie Cooper, The O.C.
  6. Lauren Cooper, Faking It
  7. Haley Dunphy, Modern Family
    I love her mugshot pics so much.
  8. Quinn Fabray, Glee
    I wish I had never started watching this show because all it did was bring me misery in the end. But I love Quinn.
  9. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls
    She's the one in the middle because of course she is. She's Paris fucking Geller.
  10. Brooke Maddox, Scream
  11. Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf
  12. Madison Montgomery, American Horror Story: Coven
  13. Summer Roberts, The O.C.
    The second one from this show on this list.
  14. Shannon Rutherford, LOST
    To be fair, Shannon wasn't my number one, but she was pretty high on the list.
  15. Amanda Tanen, Ugly Betty
  16. Taylor Townsend, The O.C.
    Yes, my top three characters from this show all made this list.
  17. Mona Vanderwaal, Pretty Little Liars
  18. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
  19. Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale
    Is anyone really surprised that she's my favorite character on this show already? I'm sure she won't be the last addition to this list.
  20. Dylan DiMeo - Speechless
    I don't know if she really counts, but she's close enough.