A lot happened today.
  1. There was bad weather, so the hospital called a code grey.
    No big deal, that happens a lot. They called a phase two (there are three), but that just means there's a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado watch.
  2. But then the power went out.
    This only happened once before when I was there. We have a generator, but it only powers certain things. In my exam rooms, there was only one little light, which is enough for me normally but not enough for the procedure we were trying to do on a patient.
  3. Then there was a pretty large leak in the ceiling outside my exam room.
    I don't know how it happened because even though it was raining a lot, we were on the first floor with two floors above us. How does the roof leak in that case? Plus whatever was leaking from the ceiling was not the color of water.
  4. Then there was a code red.
    This means fire, and we could tell it wasn't a drill because the location was very specific. It was a room I had never heard of before.
  5. My coworker grabbed the fire extinguisher, and she and I went to the operator and asked where this room was.
    This had no idea, as in they didn't even know what floor it was on.
  6. Finally we found out it was on floor 2.
    So we and some others from ER went up there to try and find this damn room. By this point there are like 20 of us, and even security didn't know where this room was.
  7. We picked up even more people, and eventually all 30+ of us found the room. There was no fire.
    But it did smell a lot like smoke, and there was malfunction equipment because the vents and fans were off due to being on generator power (which also meant it was hot as fuck in that place). Also there may or may not have been an electrical fire issue with the TVs in some of the patients' rooms.
  8. There when everything came back on, a piece of equipment in one of my exam rooms short circuited or something and nearly electrocuted me.
    And it scared the shit out of me and my patient as well.
  9. All in all, it was a highly eventful afternoon.
    At one point, I just thought, "what else can go wrong?" It was a crazy day.