1. So I have blue eyes, but the shade of blue is highly variable depending on the light.
  2. So this is the color I think of my eyes being.
    I'm literally just now noticing that there's a little bit of olive green/brown mixed in there.
  3. They're basically the same here, this is just to show this is how my eyes look the most often (because I have multiple photos demonstrating that)
  4. I'm in the car here, and the lighting is dimmer than the above photo, so my eyes are a deeper blue.
    I also look kind of angry. I don't know why.
  5. I'm in the car here too, but the lighting is different, so my eyes look different.
    Also I look hella tired. Do you younglings still say hella?
  6. Same eye, same car, different lighting, different shade.
    Another one where I look tired.
  7. Here the color is more variable.
    Kind of a cross between blue and hazel I think.
  8. They're kind of slate colored here.
    It's darker, with means my eyes generally look darker in that kind of lighting.
  9. It's really dark here, so they're a deeper blue.
    Ignore the mark on my nose. It's from my glasses.
  10. I don't know why I thought people would find this post interesting, but I already made it, so I'm just going to post it.