They're a laugh, let me tell you. I now only drink very sparingly due to a medication I take, but back in the day I could throw them back (even though I was a super lightweight)
  1. This is me at a Halloween party when I was 23.
    Here I am with my friend Danielle.
  2. This night is the reason why I can't drink vodka anymore.
    I should never have been allowed to make my own drinks once I started getting drunk. This is Danielle and me with Terry, who was throwing the party.
  3. This is one of the two times I ever had a hangover after drinking.
    The other time was Christmas Eve of 2011. I was plastered on Christmas Ale by 2, throwing up by 4, and hungover by 7. Not my finest hour.
  4. This is me when my uncle had a little party for my cousin and his family when they visited from Rhode Island.
  5. This is my uncle, my cousin's son, and me.
    Two of the three of us had been drinking.
  6. Here's my uncle and me again.
    The person taking this picture was also drunk (clearly)
  7. This is my cousin's (now-ex) wife, his daughter, and me.
    I don't think I was THAT drunk by this point.
  8. Definitely was by this point though.
  9. I took this picture of Brendan and me.
  10. Here's Brendy and me again.
    Man, we became the best of friends that night. He loved drunk me.
  11. This is my sister and me.
    She was not drunk. Also I don't know who the hell is taking these pictures, but they do not have a future in photography.
  12. Here we are again. There's sangria in that Dixie cup.
    For awhile this was my mom's favorite picture of me.
  13. This is me on the way home.
    I made my mom drive me, and I sang (badly) the whole way (and it was like an hour and a half).
  14. This is me at a little Halloween gathering in 2009.
    I was 22.
  15. I'm a happy drunk in general.
  16. I don't know what's going on here.
    I also don't know why my hoodie is on backwards and upside down or where that stuffed dinosaur came from.
  17. We were playing a drinking card game.
    Given that I was losing, I was the drunkest one there.
  18. I get really sweaty when I'm drunk.
    Also I wink a lot.
  19. Guess who took this picture.
  20. At some point, I had to put my face on the table because of the game rules.
    At this point I had no idea what was going on, so they could have told me to do anything, and I would have.
  21. I'm pretty sure I named that dinosaur Wilbur.
  22. And this horse thing Wilson.
    I have no idea where that thing came from either.
  23. The game was over.
    I lost.
  24. I don't know how long I was down here because there are a lot of pictures of me on the floor.
    I also don't know where my other sock is.
  25. I loved those things apparently.
  26. Here's all of us.
    Including my friend Dannielle's kitten (different from Danielle in the first group of pictures, though she's in this picture too, and Dannielle was at the party in those above pictures as well, just not in those pictures. Confused yet? You can tell the difference because one has two Ns in her name - Danielle vs. Dannielle). Suddenly wondering who took this picture because I don't remember anyone else being here. My camera must have been on a timer.
  27. I don't have any pictures of the other times I got really drunk.
    There aren't many, especially lately - like I said, I'm not a big drinker. Though I did just recently (accidentally) get drunk with my sister-in-law on Father's Day while we were all out to dinner.
  28. This includes the time I got drunk at a house party and started dancing on tables (and taking my clothes off).
    I was the only guy there, so it was kind of like I was the entertainment at a bachelorette party only without the tips. But somewhere in the world, there is photographic evidence of this.
  29. It's probably a good thing I don't drink much anymore.