For awhile I've had recurring dreams about a dark version of Wonderland. This was the scariest.
  1. First things first: I have really vivid dreams sometimes. Others that come to mind include this one of Samaire Armstrong and me dealing with a tiger, a strange mural, a portal to another dimension, an earthquake, and the Cloverfield monster.
    Another involves Kristen Bell and me on the run from Lord Voldemort, while a third details Brie Larson and my attempt to protect children from a tornado at a summer camp, a tornado that turns out to be a friend of mine.
  2. These dreams were legitimately scary. It was always dark and foggy there, it usually rained, the landscape was bloodstained, there were bodies lying around a lot, and people chased me carrying weapons like axes, machetes, swords, and butcher knives.
  3. Anyway, this dream stars some friends of mine at the time, as well as myself. The friends are named Mike, Mary, Olly, Taylor, Yasmin, and Brianna, and Diana Agron, Chord Overstreet, and Kevin McHale were in it too.
  4. So at the beginning of the dream, we're at some sort of assembly. I don't know what it is, but it's outside, and we're all on stage (again, I don't know)
    I think maybe we were winning some kind of pageant because we had sashes on. I doubt it was a beauty pageant though. But if it was, I wonder what my talent was.
  5. So then there was an earthquake, a massive one, and a sinkhole opened up in the earth. We were trapped on stage, and then the sinkhole kept expanding and swallowed the stage - and us - down into its dark depths.
  6. We fell a long way into a dark tunnel filled with water. There seemed to be no way out, and then Brianna felt something brush her leg. Naturally we all started freaking out, and then she got pulled under water.
    Along with some of the others, I tried to rescue her, but when I went underwater, I saw that some sort of giant squid had her wrapped in its tentacles. We tried to free her, but then the squid went down so deep that we couldn't see it and took Brianna with him.
  7. Anyway, in the midst of all this, Olly found a door shaped like a giant keyhole. There was a lever next to it, and when he pulled it, it opened. The water shot through it, taking us with it.
    We shot out of the tunnel into a lake, and there were dead bodies floating in. Apparently dream me had been there before because then I saw the bloodstained ground around the lake and realized we were in Wonderland. Everyone else proceeded to flip out because of this (plus, you know, we were in a lake full of dead bodies).
  8. Naturally, we got the fuck out of the body-filled lake, and we began to wander through Wonderland. It didn’t take long before we were attacked.
    A woman appeared, wearing a mask, crown, and a white dress, but you almost couldn’t tell her dress was white because it was so blood-covered. She was obviously in charge, and she instructed these two henchmen who were with her (she called them Dee and Dum, so I assume they were Tweedledee and Tweedledum) to attack. And they did: they ran at us brandishing axes - and this part of the dream is a little hazy - the confrontation ended with Yasmin and Taylor being ax murdered.
  9. We weren't sticking around after that, so we got the fuck out of there.
    The Red Queen was not pleased, and she instructed her card soldiers to chase after us. We ran through these giant wilted flowers, but the card soldiers were fast: one of them reached Mary, grabbing her and pulling her into the flowers. Kevin ran after her, and he pulled Mary away; unfortunately, a card soldier snuck up behind him and speared him with his lance, killing him. Mary rejoined us, and we ran.
  10. We saw a flash of white, and we all reasoned we should follow it because it was the only white thing we had seen in this world of darkness.
    Unfortunately, we were wrong: the white rabbit (who had these sharp as fuck teeth by the way) stopped running as we emerged into a clearing with more card soldiers - that asshole had led us right to them. They shot arrows at us, killing Olly shortly before killing Mary.
  11. Now it was just Chord, Dianna, Mike, and me left, and we ran through the forest. The Red Queen yelled, “Ches!” and a sort of cougar appeared, only it was the colors of the Cheshire Cat.
    Again, apparently dream me had been here before because I yelled, "RUN! IT'S THE CHESHIRE COUGAR!" It chased us through the forest, eventually pouncing on Mike and biting his neck. Dianna, Chord, and I continued running, even as the Red Queen ordered the forest to be lit on fire. The fire spread rapidly, seeming to surround us in a minutes, and a large, flaming branch broke off of a tree and landed on Dianna, killing her.
  12. Chord and I kept running as it started to rain. This quickly extinguished the fire, but we emerged from the forest at a cliff that overlooked a deep chasm.
    The Red Queen and her henchmen were right behind us, and Chord and I were trapped. She laughed evilly, and then she removed her mask…and it was another friend of mine, Yami. Chord and I looked at each other, knowing we were doomed, and so I grabbed his hand. We looked out over the chasm, closed our eyes, and jumped.
  13. That was when I woke up. Seriously, like what the hell was that dream?
    I've had a lot of dreams that were as equally vivid, like I said. I swear no drugs were involved. I just have a weird brain.
  14. Ngl, I kind of want to write a version of this into story form. That would be kind of cool.
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