Do you younglings even use that term anymore? Also these are not in any particular order.
  1. Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother
    Robin and I both have a lot of issues, and we've both had to deal with people not always understanding who we are and what we want and not being accepting that what we want isn't bad just because it doesn't mesh with what is expected. I think Robin has some deep-rooted self-confidence issues, and I have that in spades as well. Also we both have difficult to please dads who inspired a lifetime of issues involving self-confidence and the desire to please others, plus strong feelings of inadequacy.
  2. Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy
    Meredith has actually become more well-adjusted than me, but there was a time when we were very much alike. Abandoned by the people we love, feeling disconnected from even the most important people in our lives, afraid to let ourselves be loved because we feel like we aren't good enough and because we worry that they'll just leave us too, all of it. I'm glad she's doing better these days.
  3. Seth Cohen, The O.C.
    Let's see here, what do we have in common. We're both nerds who like things like comics, indie rock, movies, video games and the like, plus we both like a certain short brunette. Also we're both sarcastic as hell, and I feel that we both of a similar sense of humor. And we always are both extremely socially awkward introverts.
  4. Sam Evans, Glee
    Let me start by saying that I gave up on this shit show in season 3. That being said, Sam is still a gem, one of the only good things about this mess of a series. We both have some pretty extreme body issues, not to mention self-esteem issues in general, and we're both dorks. Hopefully my dorkishness is as endearing as his. Also we both really like strawberries and lip chap.
  5. Shannon Rutherford, LOST
    Like Shannon, I'm not always perceived in the best way. I've been called things like cruel and selfish and shallow and spoiled and all that (by people who know me pretty well, like my parents for instance) for much of my life, and a lot of people I've cared about and loved have abandoned me. I've always been easy to leave behind, and I always expect it to happen eventually, just like Shannon.