1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Michelle Obama
  3. Bernie Sanders
    These ones are obvious.
  4. John McCain
    At the time, he seemed like a questionable choice, but I mean, in comparison to what we're stuck with now...
  5. Mitt Romney
  6. Sarah Palin
    You know it's bad when I'd rather have her than someone.
  7. Harambe
  8. Stylish but illegal IKEA monkey
  9. Dolores Umbridge
    Now this one is REALLY bad.
  10. A cardboard cut out of Donald Trump
  11. Buffy Summers
  12. The Man in Black
    From LOST
  13. Timehop Abe
  14. Rick Grimes
    Even if he does bring disaster and ruin to every new place he goes.
  15. Ted Cruz
  16. Literally any of the other Republican primary candidates.
  17. Ross Geller
    That was hard for me to type but it gets the point across
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy