Long title is long. But yeah, I don't cook (I have never even turned on the oven or stove in my apartment, and I've lived here since November), so I get food elsewhere a lot.
  1. Dunkin Donuts
    I get a veggie egg white flatbread when I go, though the latte I get varies (lately it's been pistachio). Not many people know me here, but there are a few.
  2. Panera
    I always get a pick 2 with the Mediterranean veggie sandwich and either the black bean or garden vegetable soup. Like DD, only certain people know me here.
  3. Grinders Above and Beyond
    This is a local chain of sit down restaurants that also do take out. There's only like one person here who knows me, but they know I get the veggie burger without mayo and with French fries.
  4. We're Rolling Pretzel Company
    This is a new one. The other day, I went there to get my usual, and the lady working the counter said, "Do you want your 12 pretzel sticks?" She even knew what sauces I get. Apparently I go there more than I thought.
  5. The cafeteria at work
    They all know me and know when I come to the counter that I'm most likely going to ask for a veggie burger. And at breakfast I don't have to open my container when I checkout because they know that I'm getting my usual three veggie sausage patties and coffee.
  6. Starbucks
    The Starbucks in my city opened in the beginning of December, and already they all know me. They treat me like an old friend, chatting me up and asking me if I want the usual (a grande skinny vanilla latte) and stuff. Once I didn't go for like a week, and the one girl who works there was like, "I was wondering if you were okay since it's been awhile." I'm just like, it's only been a week; how often do I come here? The answer is a lot. Too much probably.
  7. Subway
    This is the biggest one because I'm known at not one, not two, but THREE Subways. I almost always get a foot long veggie sub (unless it's breakfast time and I get an egg and cheese flatbread), and almost everyone at all three locations knows that now and, like at Starbucks, acts like we're old pals.
  8. I think maybe I need to start cooking more.