This happens frequently enough that it warrants a list.
  1. Once after my broken tailbone had seemingly healed, I hit a large lump of snow that caused me to bounce and land weirdly, re-injuring the aforementioned bone
  2. My friend has the perfect sled riding hill, but it terminated at a street. That wasn't usually an issue unless you had enough speed going down because right before the street was a slight incline.
    Guess who got enough speed, hit the incline fast, somehow launched off of it, flew through the air, and landed in the street. This guy.
  3. That same night, my sled stopped only about a fourth of the way down this hill. My friend and I had been riding together, and I saw another friend come rocketing toward us.
    I threw myself at my one friend who was with me and basically tackled her in my attempt to push her out of the way of our other friend.
  4. Again on that same night with the same friend (who keep in mind was a big guy) I only made it about halfway down the hill before getting stuck. I was trying to dislodge my sled from a mound of snow when I hear someone shout, "CORY LOOK OUT!"
    I look up the hill and see that same guy speeding down toward me on his sled, but it was too late to move. He slammed into me, and I swear I flipped over him or something and landed hard on the snow. Seriously, he was going so fast. That was a dangerous night.
  5. On Valentine's Day when I was 19, my college had a snow day, and two friends and I went to a park to sled ride. The snow was SO DEEP, so I was exhausted by the time we got up the hill.
    Sled riding was fine and non-dangerous for most of the day though until the end. The three of us rode together for one last ride, and we didn't see a ramp made out of snow left behind by a previous sledder. Naturally we hit it, launched off of it, flew off the sled, toppled through the air, and landed hard. I hurt my hip and knee and walked with a limp for the next week. To make it worse, our car was stuck in the parking lot, so we had to push it out.