1. 19.
    Zaeed Massani
    I have never felt very strongly about him. At least with Ashley I've got the hate, but with Zaaed I've just got indifference, which is worse.
  2. 18.
    Ashley Williams
    I hate her so much. She's a space racist and is super annoying. My brother-in-law always chooses her over Kaidan on Virmire, and I'm just like, how can you tolerate her for three games?
  3. 17.
    Mordin Solus
    He always annoyed me so much, but he kind of won me over just a bit more in Mass Effect 3 when he sacrificed himself.
  4. 16.
    Liara T'Soni
    So overrated. Yeah, her biotics are strong, but that's about it. It doesn't help that the game kind of forces her on you as the canon romance (well, not forces, but strongly encourages. No thanks).
  5. 15.
    Urdnot Grunt
    Anyone from here on I really like. Grunt started off kind of meh, but he won me over in the end when he started calling Shepard his Battlemaster. I'm a fan of his humor too.
  6. 14.
    Urdnot Wrex
    Like Grunt, I was didn't care much for Wrex at first, but my attitude did a complete 180 by the time he's jumping out of a window to take down the mercenaries trying to kill Shepard in the Citadel DLC.
  7. 13.
    Javik is surprisingly funny. Like seriously, some of the things he says are hilarious, even if he's not trying to be.
  8. 12.
    Thane Krios
    ~Thane~ His whole story is just really interesting to me, how he became an assassin, his relationship with his son, his declining health, all of it. And he saved the Salarian councilor and offered to watch over Kaidan when he was in Huerta Memorial Hospital. What a guy.
  9. 11.
    Jack's story is so dark and tragic. I love that she came out on the other side in a good place, teaching the kids at Grissom Academy. It suits her.
  10. 10.
    Kasumi Goto
    Kasumi is great. I love her crush on Jacob, her loyalty mission is one of the better ones, she's funny, and she's a good fighter.
  11. 9.
    Miranda Lawson
    At first, I wasn't sure I liked Miranda, but then you slowly see her open up to Shepard while realizing how sinister the Illusive Man is. I like how the series incorporated her into the third game too.
  12. 8.
    Garrus Vakarian
    I feel like 8 is really low on this list for Garrus because I love him, but there are just a lot of awesome characters in the game. His friendship with Shepard is one of the better platonic ones in the series.
  13. 7.
    I'm really interested in Samara's backstory, her history with her daughters, her life as a Justicar, her past before she gave birth to three Ardat-Yakshi. And she's so serene, but underneath that sheen of tranquility, there's an extremely powerful biotic full of strength and determination.
  14. 6.
    Man, I love Legion so much. I just want to hug it (him?). When he sacrificed himself for the Geth, it was so sad. Its growing friendship with Tali was surprising but sweet. Who would have thought she'd be mourning a Geth? (I managed to make peace between the Geth and the Quarian, so she was sad when Legion died).
  15. 5.
    Her sense of humor is great, as is her banter and burgeoning romance with Joker. Also she's great in a fight.
  16. 4.
    James Vega
    James gives me so much joy. He's kind of like a happy, massive dog. He could probably snap you like a twig, but he most likely just wants to give you a hug.
  17. 3.
    Tali has some really great skills in a fight, and I love her personality. She's so sweet and good; the world does not deserve Tali'Zorah.
  18. 2.
    Jacob Taylor
    I'm not totally sure why I like Jacob so much. Maybe it's the way he slowly thaws to Shepard so that they're best friends by the end of the series (at least in my mind). Or maybe it's his loyalty to the ex-Cerberus scientists on Gellix. Perhaps it's the fact that he knows how to have a good time and how to unwind after the stress of a mission. Or maybe it's just a combination of everything that makes him a good man. Whatever the reason, I love him.
  19. 1.
    Kaidan Alenko
    Kaidan, Kaidan, Kaidan...he has my heart. He's like a big teddy bear, and he's a sweet little cinnamon roll. Kaidan Alenko is too precious for this world and should be protected at all costs. Plus he's great in a fight and always compliments my Shepard well (since I usually play in the Soldier class). I will never kill him on Virmire, I can promise you that.