I have been writing stories since I was 11, so 17 years now. I still do it and often spend obscene amounts of time planning them beforehand. Like once a story had a 75 page document containing the outline and vast array of notes about the story. Here are some of them.
  1. (unsure of what the title of this one is. Maybe The Haunted House? I don't know)
    My first story. It was written as a fifth grade assignment back in 1998, and it was supposed to be scary. I remember it involved a ghost and these two sisters who move into a haunted house with their parents. The sisters were based off of Kate Winslet circa the Titanic era and Baby Spice. Don't judge me, it was the 90s. When I finished reading it to class, everyone clapped. It sucked, but it was arguably the best one. My poor teacher. It's her fault really though for assigning this.
  2. Adventure Through the Mountains
    This was also for fifth grade and was about my friends Aaron, Emily, and Danielle and me basically being nosy fucks and ending up in a secret lab in the mountains where the worst crime the company was committing was pollution, but for some reason they tried to imprison us. I remember talking about what we were wearing a lot; there was a lot of tie-dye. Again, it was the 90s. A lot of implausible things happened. My character went through hell in this story. I could over analyze that if I wanted.
  3. This was the last time I had to write a story for school, but I enjoyed it so much that I continued doing it. The next story was written in either sixth or seventh grade.
  4. The Babysitter
    This story went through quite an evolution. It was originally meant to be a play on the babysitter urban legend, but man, did it evolve. It ended up involving demons and a cult trying to sacrifice children to summon Satan. This demon stalked the characters and stole their souls, which for some reason put them in a coma. My character was named River instead of Cory but still suffered. A lot. I wrote part of this in church, which is weird.
  5. Bloody Mary
    This was apparently something I've written (I found it on my computer just now but have no memory of it). To be honest the Bloody Mary story always freaked me out. Like I can't even look in a mirror at night in the dark, especially if it's around midnight.
  6. Salem
    This had to do with - you guessed it - the Salem witch trials. I actually like the concept quite a lot - it involved secret witches masquerading as normal people in the present day, reincarnation, and time travel. The execution isn't great, but I was 13, so give me a break. I think about re-writing this and The Babysitter sometimes.
  7. The Adventure 2
    AKA Adventure Through the Mountains 2. It didn't involve the mountains this time, thus the title change. Instead our protagonists are in a plane crash where a lot of nefarious things go on thanks to that same company from the first story. People are kidnapped, there are animal attacks, etc. Basically it was LOST roughly 4 years before LOST existed. It ended with a giant, inexplicable flood and rescue by helicopter. I think Aaron piloted the helicopter, which is ridiculous because he was 14.
  8. Clone
    I think this was called Clone, but I can't remember. But clones WERE involved somehow. This involves a city-wide scandal to replace the residents with clones of themselves for murky at best reasons. One of the character goes kind of Saw and rigs the house with non-lethal traps. There are also a lot of characters named after Final Fantasy characters including Tifa, Aeris, Quistis, and Cloud.
  9. The President's Children
    This is about - you guessed it - the (fictional) President's children, specifically a plot to kidnap them. I have a character in this, but I can't remember his name. He has a sister named Ursula and a best friend/adopted sister named Hazel Spire. I don't know why I choose unusual names. Anyway, turns out that the President is involved and is using this to repay some sort of debt. Basically he offers up his kids as payment. So...worst dad ever. And worst president ever too.
  10. Jurassic Park IV
    This was one of my first fanfics, written before I even knew what a fanfic was. For some reason, Costa Rica let this family move to an island that neighbors Isla Sorna, which also has dinosaurs on it; I don't know why. All the key players return: Alan, Ellie, Sarah, Malcolm, and Billy.
  11. Buffy trilogy
    These took place after Buffy ended, and a lot of shit happened. These also involved a lot of dead people. Buffy is sucked into some kind of portal by Amy and is forced to fight through various dimensions with Anya and Spike (and later Tara, Cordelia, and Kennedy after I kill her), who were restored thanks to The Powers That Be to help Buffy. Meanwhile, Willow leads the others and deals with more shit than she should have to, both in pursuit of rescuing Buffy and finding new Slayers to train.
  12. A Place Called Home
    This was an Angel fanfic that begins at the end of the series. Illyria, Spike, Harmony, and Eve survive the LA battle, but Angel, Lorne, and Gunn are missing. They work together to find them. Turns out Wolfram & Hart kidnapped them for some reason. Also Fred's soul isn't as dead as we think and tries to reclaim her body from Illyria.
  13. Jeepers Creepers 3
    This featured my coworkers at the time and me fighting off the Creeper and trying to survive as it tries to eat various body parts. About as original as it sounds.
  14. Freddie vs. Jason vs. Michael
    You can guess what this is about. Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers battling it out while my coworkers and I got stuck in the middle. I don't know why young me felt the need to subject us to these things. I think it interested me more to write about people I knew.
  15. The Heart of the House
    In the midst of all this horror, I have also been writing non-horror stories, like this one. The title is named after an Alanis Morissette song. In this story, a 16 year old kid goes on the run with his little siblings after their mother kills herself because he knows they'll be split up in foster care.
  16. The Forest
    I like this story too and want to re-write it. It involves this guy whose parents die under mysterious circumstances, and he inherits their company, which he'll run with his aunt and uncle. It's wintertime, and there's a lot of snow (a common theme in my stories, you'll see) as well as demons and a corrupt pact between the company, police, and the demons who come from the forest to claim the townspeople. The guy ends up offering up his aunt, uncle, and the police in exchange for the residents.
  17. Frozen
    This was way before the Disney movie and bears no relation. It's a horror story involving vampires and a supernatural blizzard that strands our characters in a mall for the first half of the story (I had never seen Dawn of the Dead and didn't realize the similar setup). They eventually move to other locations and have to kill the vampire king to save the town. I actually really like the premise and would later re-write this story.
  18. Some story about a secret
    This was in 2009 and involved my friends from my Honors Colloquium class. Basically our friend is murdered, and we are systematically silenced as we investigate who did it. I don't know why I wrote this, and it's not great because I kind of rushed through it. It's not awful though.
  19. Love Me
    This story was inspired by the French movie À la folie...pas du tout, or He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not as well as the movie The Crush. In this story, a teenager named Rose falls in love with this guy Erik who only thinks of her as a friend. Unfortunately, Rose suffers from erotomania and proceeds to stalk Erik, eventually killing his girlfriend Lenore and trying to kill Erik in a murder/suicide. They both live, and Rose enters a mental institution.
  20. Fun fact: I once tutored a girl with erotomania who set her sights on another tutor, and it was actually a legitimately frightening situation.
    I don't mean to make light of this very real syndrome, and Love Me is (I think) very respectful of it. Rose is never painted as a villain but rather as a victim to her own mind.
  21. Meet Your Match
    This is inspired by my time in high school. I sort of had my own matchmaking business called Meet Your Match and fixed up a lot of people, even continuing into college (until a bad outcome turned me off of it). The main guy, Daniel, falls for a taken girl, Allison, and he comes to realize he's always fixing other people up, never himself. He also tries to unite his best friend and her childhood friend who is in love with her as well as trying to help his older sister find love.
  22. Bitten
    One of my many zombie stories. Nothing too original about this one. At some point, the characters get stranded in a hospital, which should be zombie central but is for some reason relatively zombie-free.
  23. Mountain University
    I kind of conceived this as a tv show, where someone dies each week (inspired by Harper's Island). I can't remember the killer's motivation (I still have the story, so I should check), but it involved a murderer hunting down college students.
  24. Sharp Edges/Broken Pieces/Mended Things
    I don't only write horror. This trilogy was originally titled Webs 1, 2, and 3 and is based very loosely on my high school friends. It involves the ways their lives change as they graduate high school and enter college, dealing with life not meeting their expectations. Someone dies in the first one, and that reverberates throughout the sequels.
  25. Scream 4-6
    I actually wrote a new trilogy when I heard they were making a 4th movie because I'm a mega-fan of the franchise. This was in 2010, so I was a much better writer. ...I am embarrassed to admit this, but I wrote myself into it again, and man, does my character go through hell. He survives though (through all three stories...I am pathetic). I'm really proud of these stories though. I think they're pretty decent. By this point, I had stopped letting people read my work.
  26. Ira's Password
    Inspired by Wes Anderson movies. This is an unique sort of story about this guy who never had a good relationship with his dad - the titular Ira - thinking he favors his siblings, coming home for the funeral after that aforementioned father dies. He's got a bizarre, peculiar family, and since he's the only serious one, he has to find his father's will. He learns it's on his dad's computer, but he doesn't know the password. Turns out it's the guy's name, proving that Ira did love him all along.
  27. Glee Cloverfield
    I wrote this Glee/Cloverfield crossover back when I liked that shit show at the request of a friend. Despite the questionable premise, I really enjoy this story a lot and am happy with it. This is the only story I've ever posted online, and it's gotten a lot of good feedback. I was out of college by this point and had a lot of free time. The main ships were Kurt/Sam and Puck/Quinn, with background Finn/Rachel, Santana/Brittany, and Artie/Tina.
  28. Frozen (take 2)
    Basically the same story as the original only better. It's more thought out, the plot has been expanded and made better, and it's a lot longer.
  29. Scream 4 (take 2)
    I'm really, really proud of my Scream 4 re-write. Until recently, it was my longest story (at just under 800 pages, typed), and a lot more than murder happens. There's even a scene that made me cry as I was writing it. One day I'll maybe let people read it.
  30. What Comes After
    This is a sort of sequel to Scream 4 that takes place between 4 and 5. There's no murder and just deals with the aftermath of Scream 4. It's actually really sad and also surprisingly has heavy The Little Prince themes (which you might know seemingly have no reason to be in a story about the Scream franchise, but I think it works).
  31. Going Away
    This is a modern day adaption of Virginia Woolf's The Waves. I really like this story, but man, it's probably the most depressing thing I've ever written. Like many of my later stories, it has a soundtrack. This one features songs by Bright Eyes, The Album Leaf, Natalie Imbruglia, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Loney Dear, Syd Matters, The Perishers, Death Cab For Cutie, Cibo Matto, Electric President, and Jeff Buckley
  32. Black Heart
    This one is semi-autobiographical and has to do with the family and friends of a murdered girl reeling from their loss and is told from their different perspectives. It was inspired by my own friend's murder. If I were going to try and get a story published, it would be this one.
  33. Two Choices
    One of my favorite stories. It's about this guy (Finn) who falls for another guy (Kyle) as well as a girl (Jenna), and he struggles to choose between them with the help of his friend Reid. It's made more complicated by the fact that Finn comes from a fiercely homophobic family (who disowned his cousin Mika for being a lesbian) and that Kyle is in the military (before Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed). Not the most original title, but...I suck at coming up with those.
  34. Two Choices features a lot of great songs on my pretend soundtrack, including several by Alexander, The Submarines, and Noah and the Whale, as well as songs by The Good Life, Rachael Yamagata, The Decemberists, Fiona Apple, and Good Old War.
  35. Coalition
    This is a tiny bit similar to The Forest in that it involves two characters inheriting their parents' place at a (possibly corrupt) company. There's a heavy supernatural element to it. I actually conceived this in the style of a tv show with four distinct seasons. In the last one, the heads of the company break a pact with sinister forces, which leads to almost the entire cast getting killed off one by one save for a handful.
  36. Fallen Leaves
    The conclusion of my "forest trilogy" of unconnected yet similar stories involving demons and stuff as well as forests (the first two being The Forest and Frozen, which also involves a forest). This is about a group of people who get stranded in a sort of supernatural forest where every scary thing they've been made to think isn't real secretly resides, including the demons and vampires from The Forest and Frozen.
  37. The Hitter
    This is a weird story admittedly, but also kind of sweet. If it were a movie, the tag line would be "a platonic love story." It's kind of a bleak premise: one guy hires another to murder him after they get out of jail so he can leave his life insurance to his sister. But the guys become best friends as they plan this murder so as not to implicate the one who would do the killing, and it's actually a comedy. Well...a dramedy I suppose.
  38. Four Brothers
    About four brothers (duh) who have a tenuous relationship who come back together when their parents are in a car accident that kills the father and debilitates the mother. Flashbacks reveal that the oldest had to be the parent because his dad was a drunk who beat him and his mom, who wouldn't leave him. He protected his brothers by taking the brunt of his father's abuse so they wouldn't have to, but the third brother resents him for being so stern and controlling, not knowing the full story.
  39. Reunion
    Not an original concept at all - characters reunite at the ten year high school reunion (possibly because my own is coming up, not that I plan to go). But I spent so much time developing a myriad of different characters, and I really love everything about this story. This one has one of the biggest soundtracks of any of my stories, including songs by Hot Hot Heat, Brandon Flowers, The National, Man Man, Wolf Parade, The Magnetic Fields, The Smiths, and Vance Joy.
  40. Coming Home
    A sequel to Going Away written mostly because I left the characters is such a sad place, and I hated just leaving them there. I wouldn't say the ending is happy, but it's not bleak either. There's hope.
  41. Watermark
    Loosely inspire by the song "Watermark" by Sleeping At Last. It's about a woman whose estranged father lived in a small seaside cabin, and she goes through his things after he dies and realizes she never really knew himself and begins to see all the ways they were alike.
  42. Nuclear Family
    This went through so many different titles (Hollis - which is the family's last name - The You I Created -named after an Of Montreal song - Blood Ties, Nuclear, and finally Nuclear Family). It's about a seemingly normal family where the four kids learn they were adopted when the two youngest children's mom comes looking for them. A lot of other shit happens too.
  43. Wild Hearts
    Another story - like The Heart of the House and Watermark - partially inspired by a song (this one specifically by the Futurebirds cover of the Stevie Nicks song). It's about two childhood friends who have lost touch taking a road trip home and dealing with various sad events from their past, including the end of a one's longtime relationship and the death of the other's sister.
  44. The Choices We Make
    A sequel to Two Choices (and a horrible title, but I don't know what to call it). This follows the characters in the couple of years following Finn's choice (spoiler alert: he chose Kyle). He has been disowned and tries to reconcile with his brother, while Kyle has been deployed. Reid helps Finn in missing Kyle, Mika helps Finn because he's sad over losing the rest of his family, and Jenna and Finn try to be friends. Also new characters are introduced, including Mika's girlfriend and a soldier
  45. Homecoming
    This is about a guy who comes home after spending a decade away following a fatal car accident. He was driving, and his friend in the car with him at the time didn't survive. When he comes home, his old friends begin dying, and the guy begins to suffer what he worries are psychotic breaks, leading him to wonder if he's the one killing his friends. Flashbacks reveal that he hasn't ever been the most mentally stable person.
  46. Hurt the Ones You Love
    This is about a woman who grapples with the loss of her twin when he kills himself. She learns before that, he slept with her boyfriend, and she deals with that as well. She and her brother's own boyfriend find his journals and learn that the happy front he put on before his suicide was just a façade and that he kept so much locked away in his heart.
  47. Two Weeks
    In this story, two women work closely together in an office but don't really know each other. After the one puts in her two week's notice, planning to move across the country, they go out on a whim one night for after work drinks and hit it off, becoming fast friends. The other woman is very socially awkward, but together she opens up a little without ever feeling inferior for, you know, preferring to hang out with small groups or sometimes not go out at all.
  48. Urban
    Not exactly an anthology piece, this is more interconnected stories based on various urban legends, such as the more famous The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs, The Stranger in the Back Seat, Bloody Mary, The Clown Statue, and the Hook Man as well as lesser known legends like The Choking Doberman, Three Knocks, Scratching at the Door, and the Hitchhiker. All of them come to fruition over the course of a single night, though there are twists. The legends crossover into each other frequently.
  49. Corruption
    This is about a gay policeman who - along with other minority policemen (a black and an Asian woman, a Latino man, and a lesbian) - uncover a web of corruption involving the murders of various minorities in the city they're supposed to protect.
  50. Alleged
    Honestly, this may be a bit tactless, but this was inspired by the Bill Cosby drama. A publicist to a Cosby-like actor tries to do damage control following a series of accusations from various women only to discover that they're much more than mere accusations.
  51. Everything Was Beautiful
    This is about a doctor who participates in assisted suicide who must reevaluate his beliefs after his sister opts for that option due to a terminal cancer diagnosis. In the end, he still supports it. There are two parallel stories, one of his sister in the days leading up to her death and another of the days following it.
  52. Surreality
    I love this one. I...oh Lord, this is embarrassing, but I loved the friendship that developed between Tammy Faye Messner (who I love) and Ron Jeremy (who I once met by chance in Pittsburgh right before almost accidentally committing vehicular manslaughter) on The Surreal Life, and that's what inspired this tale. The story follows a group of washed up celebrities on a Surreal Life-like show.
  53. I Know Who Did It
    This story is about a woman who kills her friend's abusive husband to protect her, but then someone innocent is implicated in the murder instead. She's got to decide if she's going to let him take the blame or come clean.
  54. Never Go Home Again
    This was inspired by both the Jaycee Dugard and the Cleveland kidnapping cases (I am from Cleveland, so I followed the latter case closely). Basically it's about a woman who's kidnapped for ten years and is then found and rescued. When she goes home, her husband has remarried, and her daughter doesn't recognize her, so she's got work through that in addition to the obvious PTSD that comes with such a horrific ordeal.
  55. Something to Believe In
    When a teenage girl gets pregnant, her church kicks her and her family out after she refuses to publicly "confess her sin" in front of the entire church. At the same time, the pastor's son comes back after being away for years, and he reveals to his childhood friend that his father sent him away because he was gay and suspected the two of them were more than friends.
  56. Going On Without You
    To be honest I don't know where this story came from because generally I steer clear of anything political. In this one, the president is assassinated, so his vice-president (a woman) takes over and names another woman as her new VP. They've got to deal with sexist assholes not wanting two women running the nation, plus they and some of the other staff are mourning the president's passing and working through it together, all while the assassinator (is that a word?) is still on the loose.
  57. Blame
    This was inspired by Making a Murderer (still so angry about that). In it, someone is wrongly convicted of a crime - in part due to a corrupt police force - and his new lawyers from The Innocence Project work on freeing him when he's granted a new trial.
  58. Nothing Left to Lose
    A social worker bonds with a teenager that keeps bouncing around foster homes, and he tries to find this kid a place where he'll be loved. At the same time, the kid's deadbeat parents - who are in jail - try and have a relationship with him even though the social worker thinks they're bad influences.
  59. One Down...
    I made my triumphant return to horror with this one. This is my second most recent story (I wrote it last October) and my second longest (just over 700 pages), or it was for a short while at least (it is now the third longest). It's about a killer stalking college students because they were mean girls and boys in the past. So it's revenge basically, but a lot more than murder happens. Like there's real character development and non-murder plot and all that. I really like this one.
  60. ...Three to Go
    The story I'm currently working on and my longest by far. One Down... is only 705 pages (this is a sequel), and Scream 4 is only 780 pages, but this one is almost 1300 and counting. I'm going to at least break 1500 by the time it's over, if not more. In it, the survivors of the first story are grappling with the events of the first story and the losses they suffered a year later when a new killer begins stalking them and their friends.
  61. An important note: my slashers might not always have the most original premises, but I feel that I make up for that with character development, interesting plot lines (both about the murders and in addition to them), and exciting murder/chase scenes.
    Also I am aware that it might seem strange that I write these stories given that my own friend was stabbed to death, but I think it helps me work through that. Like it seems less real when I'm putting it into a fictional story or watching a movie. Maybe that doesn't make sense, and admittedly there are some scenes in movies I can't watch, but otherwise I think it helps. It makes sense to me at least.
  62. Wow, there are over 60 stories here, and this isn't even all of them. That's a lot. I never counted them before.